HCG Diet System

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Lose Weight Fast

Lose 10 kg in 30 days and start losing centimetres even faster! The HCG Diet System is an affordable, sustainable weight loss program that does not require exercise.

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HCG Drops

The drops program is a long-term solution to your weight loss problems, plus a community of support backs it to help you keep the weight off for good.

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HCG Injections

The injection program is a long-term solution to your weight loss problems, plus a community of support backs it to help you keep the weight off for good.

Buy HCG Slimming Injections & Drops from South Africa

The HCG diet is available for weight loss injections (HCG injections) and drops ( oral HCG drops). The costs are the same, so which one you choose depends on your preference.

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Do You Want to Be Slimmer, Healthier, and Have More Energy?

Most diets, supplements, and exercise plans help you achieve one or two of these things, but not all three. Diets can make you healthier and slimmer, but leave you feeling tired. Exercise can be exhausting – or you may feel like there just aren’t enough hours in a day.

And forget about all the juice cleanses, tummy wraps, and packaged meals. These may work for a while but they aren’t meant to last. If you are looking to lose weight, you likely also want to be able to healthy options, exercise when you want, and feel better than you did before.

The HCG Diet System helps you accomplish all of the above, and includes a caring community to help you along the way.

Read all about the HCG Diet System below, shop online, or visit our FAQ page to get started.

the HCG diet system will help you to lose weight fast without exercising!

Lose Weight Fast with the HCG Diet System!

Do you feel like you have tried every diet, pill, or exercise regimen out there? Have those methods left you feeling hungrytired, or worse off than before? Shedding excess weight isn’t only about looking better, but FEELING better. That’s why you need a solution that keeps you feeling healthy and happy for good.

Priscilla's HCG Diet Success Story

While many diets offer fast results, they often come with various side effects and don’t help you keep weight off for the long term. They may leave you feeling exhausted, weak, hungry, or sick. And because you don’t feel good, it isn’t easy to stick with the program.

Fortunately, there is a better, healthier solution… Don’t give up on finding the perfect diet system for you. Enter the HCG Diet System: a proven system that helps you shed unwanted kilograms quickly – all while restoring your metabolism, reducing your appetite, and making you feel amazing!

Kick those other methods to the curb and get started with a system that’s in it for the long haul. More energy, Reduced appetite, Slimmer figure, Faster metabolism, and Happier YOU

Learn about HCG injections and HCG drops today.

Client Testimonials

Find out why people in South Africa, especially in Sandton and beyond, are turning to the HCG Diet System for rapid weight loss that stays off for good! We have helped thousands of satisfied clients lose weight with the HCG weight loss system. Get started and write your own success story!

Read more success stories from HCG dieters on our Testimonials page.


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Try the HCG Weight Loss Diet System – Johannesburg South Africa

If you are tired of struggling to lose weight and keep it off, the HCG Diet System SA is the solution for you. It offers fast weight loss in record time with no side effects!

With the HCG Diet System, you’ll discover how to lose weight quickly without starving yourself, exercising to exhaustion, or turning to pricey meals, supplements, or pills.

If you have tried endless diets but haven’t seen the results—or weren’t able to keep the weight off—then you need a solution that leaves you looking better and feeling great. Tame those tummy rolls, saddlebags, love handles, and more!

What are HCG Injections & HCG Oral Drops?

HCG, or “human chorionic gonadotropin”, is a hormone that plays a vital role in weight loss. It triggers a variety of other hormones in the body that can increase energy levels, suppress appetite, burn fat, and boost metabolism.

HCG targets those pesky abnormal fat cells that are responsible for that excess weight in your trouble areas. At the same time, it protects the structural fats that are essential for maintaining muscle.

HCG Injections and drops are ways of administering HCG to the body in higher doses to speed up the fat-burning process. Since HCG is natural, there are no adverse side effects. In fact, it improves and lowers high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.

The HCG diet has been proven to be one of the safest, most effective, and most up-to-date diet protocols available worldwide.

Benefits of the HCG Diet

We know that starting a new “diet” can be confusing or even intimidating. That’s why we feel that it’s important that you have all of the information you need to make an educated decision about what’s best for your body and goals.

While the HCG Diet System doesn’t have the nasty side effects of other programs, it does offer a wide range of benefits for your life and health.

The benefits of using HCG Injections or HCG Drops include:

  • Fast weight loss (10 kg in 30 days!)
  • Reduced appetite
  • Faster metabolism
  • More energy
  • No adverse side effects
  • Feeling healthier and more vibrant
  • Sustainable, long-lasting results
  • There is no need for rigorous exercise or calorie counting
  • Keep the weight off for good.

Is the HCG Diet System the solution to your weight loss woes? Find more information about the safety of HCG, how to use it, and the benefits it can bring to you on our Diet Information page.

How to Be Successful with HCG Slimming Injections and Drops?

With new technology, we can lead happier and healthier lives.

Medical and medicinal advancements have made this easier than ever before, particularly when it comes to eating better, losing weight, and having more energy. While looking our best is important, most of us care about how our bodies and ourselves feel. Women, in particular, want to feel confident and love the skin they’re in.

Combatting Low Confidence and Obesity

While different factors may contribute to low confidence, the most common one is obesity.

According to global stats, about 2 billion people are obese. Even more tragic, more people are dying of obesity than those from malnutrition. It can lead to a variety of health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Other factors that affect self-confidence include stress eating, thyroid and hormonal imbalances, anxiety, and depression. These factors grow and persist as we age. That’s why many adults, men and women alike, feel that eating healthier and exercising are not enough to keep up. Learn more about the female delusion calculator to find the solution to your delusions.

How to Use the HCG Diet System?

In order to lead an improved and productive lifestyle, we need to maintain a mindful balance while being supported by others. The HCG Diet System offers a program that helps you lose weight and a community that supports you in keeping it off. So how do you make the most of the HCG diet?

Following are some tips to make sure you lose that extra weight and look your best when you start taking hCG slimming injections.

1. Don’t Overeat

This is an absolute necessity if you want to lose weight, no matter what you’re doing. You need to make sure you’re eating only what is essential.

If you follow our recommended diet plan while using the HCG slimming injections, you will not only lose weight quickly but also experience phenomenal centimetre loss.

2. Getting Protein is Essential

Proteins are the building blocks of a healthy diet. Even though the HCG diet does not change the foods you eat, it’s still recommended that you get enough healthy proteins.

There is a constant need for proteins and folic acid to build cells and renew them after the fat has left your body. Your body will constantly be replacing and renewing cells – proteins are necessary for this process.

3. Limit Dairy

While dairy products can be beneficial for strengthening bones by supplying calcium and magnesium, consuming dairy products is restricted whilst on the HCG protocol. Most dairy products contain fat and can negate the effects of the HCG.

For the best results, remove dairy products such as milk, cream, and cheese from your diet. However, you can opt for replacements such as soy milk, almond milk, and the like.

4. Get Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

You must increase your intake of fruits and vegetables as you start your regimen of HCG slimming injections. Since your body will be going through a lot of changes, it will need all the minerals and vitamins it can get to stay healthy while losing weight.

However, while following the HCG protocol, please consume only the recommended fruits and vegetables listed in our diet booklet and guide.

5. Eliminate Sugar

We all know that sugar is addictive and has no nutritional value for the body, so no sugar is allowed on the HCG Protocol. However, eating the recommended fruits will provide all the natural sugar you need.

As you are losing weight, you want to be sure the weight stays off for good!

No matter what diet you are on, cutting down on simple sugars and artificially sweetened foods is a good idea. You can replace your sugar intake with the natural sugars you consume in fruits. You can also use alternatives to sugar, such as sweeteners, which are healthier and don’t make you put on weight.

6. Reduce Your Calorie Intake

During your weight loss journey with the HCG slimming injections or drops, your calorie intake must be reduced. This essentially means that you need to be mindful about what you eat when you’re on the HCG Diet System.

Follow our recommended diet plan we supply, which is 800 calories per day. Please bear in mind that although you are following a low-calorie diet, the HCG is burning your excess stored trapped fat, mobilising it, using it to nourish your body, and using it as energy and fuel.

7. Exercise

We all know that exercise is good for us. However, while following the HCG Protocol, it is not a good idea to do any strenuous exercise. Many people join the gym and start exercising hectically to lose weight, and although this could be very good in the long term, it can almost certainly affect weight loss in the short term.

We therefore suggest gentle exercise such as walking, yoga, pilates, and swimming if you feel the need to exercise. We have found that the best results come from people who follow the HCG diet protocol strictly and exercise very gently. Once you have lost your weight, exercise on a regular basis.

HCG Diet Information – What Doctors Say

Many people are sceptics of the HCG Diet Symptoms simply because they are used to the “low-calorie diet.” They think that all you need to lose weight is to cut calories and exercise rigorously. However, many people follow this regimen and can’t shed the weight—or they gain it all back later on.

Knowing this, researchers sought a solution that would not only help people lose weight but keep it off in the long term. They also wanted to address the taboo about being “fat” and that it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone isn’t healthy or working hard to be in shape.

In reality, everybody is different, has different needs, and loses weight differently. There are also personal preferences around what to eat and what someone’s weight loss goal is.

Dr. Simeon’s research and studies dismissed any judgmental “solutions” aimed at people who need help losing weight fast. The results of his studies showed that the hormone HCG made weight loss much more effective than dieting and exercise alone.

How Does The HCG Diet Work?

HCG is a natural hormone that works to trigger different actions in the body, including an increase in energy, suppression of appetite, and burning of fat. The HCG Diet System presents a way of administering HCG to the body in order to speed up these processes and help the person lose weight.

HCG targets abnormal fat cells while preserving the structural fat cells and essential proteins. This way, the patient can lose excess fat but not have to worry about deteriorating muscles or other adverse side effects.

By comparison, the “Low-calorie” diet first attacks the body’s structural fats and burns muscle for energy before targeting the abnormal excess fat.

HCG has a vital role in weight loss as it triggers many hormones in the body that can increase our energy levels, trigger appetite suppressant hormones, and directly mobilize and burn the abnormal excess trapped fat while protecting the structural fat, which protects the muscle tissue from deteriorating.

These differences in how HCG works to target trouble areas in the body are what make it so unique and the best weight loss solution available.

Quick Questions

What happens if I take HCG and eat normally?

The effects of the HCG diet on weight loss may not occur.

What happens if you eat sugar on the HCG diet?

It can disrupt the diet’s weight loss process.

What does HCG injections do to your body?

They’re claimed to aid weight loss by reducing appetite and targeting fat.

Do HCG injections help you lose weight?

Yes, when combined with a low-calorie diet, but effectiveness is debated.

Can you lose weight with HCG drops?

Yes, some users report weight loss with these oral drops when combined with a very low-calorie diet.

Can HCG drops increase fertility?

HCG, a hormone important for pregnancy, can help increase fertility. That’s why doctors sometimes suggest hCG treatments for women who have trouble getting pregnant.