Weight gain during your monthly

Weight gain during your monthly

Is weight gain normal whilst on the HCG weight loss program during or just before menstruation?

This is a question that many people ask. Yes, it actually is, fairly normal to gain weight during your period. Let’s look into the most common reason for weight gain during this time. Weight gain and then that bloated, even sore feeling in your abdomen are the most common symptoms during menstruation. You might feel this way for a number of reasons the main reason being Hormonal Changes in the body. These changes can cause you to gain weight because of increased water retention in the days leading up to your period, progesterone and estrogen decrease quickly. This in turn tells your body that it’s time to begin menstruation.

As females you will understand now…those feelings you get, moods and cravings, fatigue etc. Progesterone and Estrogen also control the way your body regulates fluid. When these two hormones fluctuate, the tissues in your body accumulate and hold onto more water. This results in water retention, which can then cause swelling or puffiness in your breasts, tummy or extremities, swollen ankles or legs etc. This increases your body weight but not fat. Water retention is a very common PMS symptom and affects about 90% of women who menstruate.

Whilst following the HCG Diet Protocol, you might also gain weight during your period as the body is retaining water and you might see a weight gain on the scale. It doesn’t happen to everyone but us perfectly normal for many.

Please don’t stress or be concerned, as this is normal and your weight, will return to normal, once you have completed your menstrual cycle and you can once again, continue losing weight. This is the way nature intended the female body to function.