It’s A Miracle The Change Your Life Diet -The Diet That Works!

It’s A Miracle ..The Change Your Life Diet – The Diet That Works! I have clients telling me this everyday. “It’s unbelievable the amount of weight I have lost” “I have dropped 2 dress sizes already” “I am so thankful I found you and the HCG Diet Protocol” “Not only am I losing weight and … Read more

“Skinny Women Are So Lucky”

How To Lose Weight Quickly Sandton

“Skinny Women Are So Lucky” Isn’t is so true that those of us who battle with our weight always know someone who can eat anything and everything yet they still remain Skinny. Some people we say just have the right skinny genes and will never carry excess weight but if you look at the broader … Read more

Self Esteem

Oxford dictionary definition of self esteem “Pride in oneself, self respect, dignity, confidence, faith in oneself, pride, Morale, Self Assurance” I was chatting to a client earlier in the week and I know most of us are really enjoying Summer time and looking forward to Xmas holidays but then I realized not everyone is feeling … Read more

Mind Over Matter

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” It is a known fact that so many of us know how to lose weight – eat fewer calories, exercise, drink more water and make healthier choices, etc. And you will see results. However it’s not as easy as it might sound. If you are like … Read more

Lean For Life

Weight Loss Diet Plan Vereeniging

HCG Diet System – Is A Lifelong Change, Not Just A Quick Fix Yes there is no doubt that with HCG you will lose weight faster than you can imagine but there are other huge advantages as well. Why The HCG Changes Your Lifelong Weight Problems For Good, Not Just Temporarily. Here are some of … Read more

HCG Weight Loss Progress Pictures

Soup Diet Sandton

HCG Progress Pictures Michelle started with our HCG on the 9th of October 2017. I have been chatting to her, motivating and guiding her all through this short journey. Yesterday Michelle sent me her measurements and centimeter loss. I couldn’t be prouder, she has done exceptionally well. She has lost 13kg’s and a total of … Read more

Dining Out Whilst Trying To Eat Healthy

Dining Out Whilst Trying To Eat Healthy Unless you are committed and aware,eating out at restaurants is poison if you’re trying to lose weight and stay healthy. It’s not only about losing weight either…if you ate every portion of every meal at a traditional restaurant, you would probably cut 10 or 15 years off your … Read more

HCG Before and After

Amazing HCG Testimonial We always love sharing our clients’ testimonials. Check out what Vanessa had to say. “Hi Helen. Vanessa here 30 days ago weighed 116kg I’m now at 104kg can’t wait for my next order  thanks a million” If you want to start your weight loss journey with the HCG Diet System visit us … Read more

Lean For Life With The HCG Diet System

    Why the HCG changes your lifelong weight problems for good Here are some of the reasons Why the HCG Diet is not just a quick fix..but gives you the knowledge and power to make the best choices to keep your weight under control and make healthy choices for life with very little effort. … Read more