Weight -Loss Goals 

Weight -Loss Goals Setting goals is one thing – but trying to achieve them is completely different and can seem more difficult. However the best way to lose weight successfully with the HCG slimming injections or the HCG slimming Drops is to create both Short Term Goals and Long Term, weight loss goals. You may find … Read more

Health Benefits of Spices

Health Benefits of Spices Spices are packed with antioxidants, so find out how to make the most of them to give your health a boost. Cinnamon Boosts brain function Assists with blood sugar control Antimicrobial properties Antifungal properties Anticlotting properties Contains calcium, vitamins and fiber Aids in digestion Curry and Turmeric Anti-inflammatory May decrease arthritis … Read more

HCG Protocol Explained The HCG Diet System weight loss Protocol consists of taking either the HCG Injections or the HCG Drops everyday for 30 days and following our eating plan. However you can stay on the HCG and continue following the diet plan, without stopping until you reach your ideal goal weight. You kickstart your … Read more

Getting Started On The HCG Diet

Getting Started on the HCG Diet Making a change is never easy, we are creatures of routine. Many of us are happy to just carry on in our comfort zones but no one ever achieved anything worthwhile without making change, determination and huge effort. If you want something badly enough you will make that change … Read more

Has Your Weight Loss Stalled?

Has Your Weight Loss Stalled? Losing weight is a challenge and no one said it was easy, but certainly worth it!! Difficulties and obstacles are often in our way, but actually a stall in weight loss is not an obstacle but merely a little bump in the road, a little hiccup. When your weight stalls … Read more

The Importance Of Phase 3 Maintenance

            The Importance Of Phase 3 Maintenance Completing your first round of the HCG Protocol, really is quite an achievement!! Maybe you have been on the HCG Diet Protocol for a couple of months and done a few rounds of the HCG Diet, depending on how much weight you needed … Read more

Weighing and Measuring On The HCG Diet Protocol

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Weighing and Measuring on the HCG Diet Protocol I get asked this question almost on a daily basis so I thought I would just give you some advice and a few tips to guide you. Whilst you are on the HCG Diet you will want to keep track of your progress. To confidently keep track, … Read more

What is an Apple Day On The HCG Diet?

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What is an Apple Day On The HCG Diet? Sometimes on the HCG Diet and even other weight loss programs your weight can plateau temporarily and no weight loss registers on the scale. I know this can cause you to be despondent and disappointed but Please don’t despair!! An Apple Day will help to jump … Read more