It is not recommended by nutritionists. It certainly does not correspond to the latest nutritional trends. What’s more, when using it, you need to inject yourself every day and consume only 800 calories a day.

  • So what, if the people who used it agree – it works!
  • Moreover, the fanatics of the hCG diet argue that despite the dietary restrictions, they felt great during the weight loss program.

Overweight and obesity are new civilization diseases that hinder the functioning of an increasing number of people. Doctors and nutritionists argue that this is largely the result of a sedentary lifestyle and eating too much. They also add that the only way to successfully lose unnecessary kilograms is to practice sports regularly and constantly change eating habits. Even so, a person who submits to these restrictions will have to pay attention to their importance for the rest of their lives.

Not very encouraging, right? So it’s no surprise that many people are looking for an easier way to success. We’ve all got used to the fact that every now and then we hear about a new, revolutionary diet that allows you to lose weight quickly and without the yo-yo effect. Sometimes it is a new menu, but many times we are dealing with “reheating” the way to lose weight, which everyone has already forgotten. This is also the case here.

Restrictive diets often astonish you with their bizarre menu (for example, the cabbage or Kwasniewski diet) or extremely low calories (crowning example: the Copenhagen diet ). Anyone who has been struggling with overweight for years must surely think that nothing will surprise him anymore. If you think so too, it’s a surefire sign that you haven’t heard of the hCG diet yet!

Principles of operation of the HCG “miracle”

The hCG diet is a slimming treatment that uses chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that occurs naturally in pregnant women. During the treatment, 125-200 units of hCG are taken daily for 30 days, while limiting the caloric content of the diet to 800 kcal per day.

HCG is mainly used for the treatment of infertility, menstrual disorders or for the maintenance of pregnancy. The hormone is obtained from the urine of pregnant women or it is produced synthetically. The drug is sold on prescription, so in order to get the desired drug, amateurs of treatment often buy it from women who have enough medicine leftover after successfully carrying a pregnancy.

An additional interesting fact is that the hormone should be injected into the stomach every day. Often, the treatment also needs to be supplemented with vitamin B12 injections to replace the loss of essential elements.

The first to note the possibility of using hCG in the diet was endocrinologist Albert Simeons. This researcher graduated in medicine at the prestigious University of Heidenburg, and then traveled around the world perfecting his medical practice.

Simeons drew attention to the beneficial effects of the hormone during his stay in India. While examining people with pituitary disorders, he noticed that such patients have abnormally distributed fat reserves. After administration of hCG, their body weight did not decrease, but the distribution of body fat changed and the circumference of the hips decreased significantly.

Diet has returned to favour with Kevin Trudeau’s controversial book entitled Natural Cures: They Don’t Want You to Know About . His book is not limited to promoting the original diet. The author also mentions natural methods of fighting cancer , AIDS , phobias and infectious diseases, just to name a few.

Diet enthusiasts remind us that this hormone motivates the body to burn fat in order to provide the fetus with the right amount of food. Thanks to this, with a restrictive diet, fatty tissue deposits that were previously “saved” for really hard times are burned. Apparently, in the case of a normal diet, the body uses other, less “key” resources, which causes rapid weight gain immediately after the end of weight loss.

The yo-yo effect does not occur with the revolutionary hCG diet.

All delighted
People who have used this radical method of nutrition speak of it in superlatives. They claim that they felt great during the treatment and hardly felt any hunger at all. Fat was disappearing rapidly, also from parties that had so far resisted the diet.

I recently completed a four-week hCG slimming treatment. As a result, I lost 11 kilos in four weeks! Moreover, it was done in a comfortable way, without any major inconveniences and sacrifices – comments the internet user on the forum.

Alison Edmond also describes the magic of this diet in However, unlike Polish dietary amateurs, she underwent the nutrition process under the strict control of befriended doctors. The woman also points out that for a year after taking the treatment, she has not gained any weight.

Why do people go to even the most bizarre and contrary to common sense diets? What do the specialists say?

Unfortunately, most people do not follow the latest research results, mostly printed only in trade magazines. We often base our knowledge on the so-called anecdotal evidence – if someone writes on the forum that it worked for him, why should it be any different with me? We ignore the fact that six months later such a person could return to its former “size”. It is also becoming more and more popular to start topics and comment on posts by people provided by a company interested in selling their product.

However, this is not all, as a diet can also have very negative health consequences. – People on the hCG diet are at risk, inter alia, for vitamin D and B12 deficiencies. This can cause problems with the skeletal system, nervous system or anemia – warns dietician Ma?gorzata Waleria?czyk. – High carbohydrate restriction in the hCG diet is an obstacle to the proper functioning of the brain, red blood cells and kidneys. The use of the hormone can also cause nausea and vomiting, which are symptoms typical for pregnant women. In addition, in men who took chorionic gonadotropin, problems with water retention in the body, increased blood pressure, enlarged mammary glands and mood swings were noticed – adds the expert.

Here too, so-called common sense fails us. Most people believe that they are exceptionally skillful and, often, virtually immortal. So if a side effect can occur in a certain percentage of users of the drug, it will not happen to them. And the fight with unnecessary kilograms, often carried out over the years, and the pursuit of the image of a slim person created by the media, motivate much more than distant health consequences.

A vicious cycle of diet

Thin people who have never had problems with being overweight often knock their foreheads at the news that instead of restricting the amount of food they eat and going for a jog, they prefer to inject themselves with hormones. Not to mention the fact that by the way, often humiliating themselves, they try to get a left prescription for the drug. And the explanations of some amateurs of the hCG diet give nothing that now the substance can also be taken in the form of sublingual drops.

Although a certain group of obese people has specific genetic disorders that make it practically impossible to lose weight without medical intervention, most people with extra pounds are able to lose weight. Additionally, hardly any fat man started his fight with overweight from hormonal injections. Most likely, when he first decided to lose weight, he meticulously counted calories and exercised regularly.

Unfortunately, because people often revert to their old habits after finishing the diet, the weight quickly returns to the state it was before the diet. Metabolism, already slower in overweight people, slows down additionally. The body, on the other hand, aims to replenish fat reserves.

After a few such cycles, the obese person stops believing in his will and looks elsewhere. Discouraged by constant failures, she reaches for more and more original methods of fighting overweight. And what if it will work this time? Of course, restrictive “miracle diets” cause a gigantic yo-yo effect. The hCG diet is probably no exception.

A healthy weight loss rate assumes a loss of 0.5 kg to 1 kg per week. In the hCG diet, this decrease is much faster, from 0.5 kg to 1 kg per day

The hCG diet does not have any educational factor, and thus, the person using it will not learn what foods and in what amounts to eat and will not change their eating habits. The result will be a quick return to the original body weight – he adds.