3 Weight Loss Tips That Guarantee Lasting Success With The HCG Diet

weight loss tips 3 Weight Loss Tips

weight loss tips

Some of the worst times of my life have been when I’m on diet.

I always have been a touch overweight and after the birth of my two sons the weight just never went away. In fact I seemed to blow up like a balloon!

So you know what my next course of action was don’t you? Of course you do, I started going on diets. I actually don’t believe there is a diet that I hadn’t tried. You name them I have tried them!

The problem of course was I kept on piling the weight back on after completing the latest fad or quick weight loss diet. I’m telling you, it gets quite depressing and then of course I eat a little something to comfort myself.

This yo-yo lifestyle of mine was a feature of my existence until I came across this article written by the world famous Dr. Oz regarding the hCG Diet.

A Turning Point

This was to be a turning point in my life, so much so that today I weigh less than I did when I was sixteen years old! You will remember I told you that I had always a bit with my weight.

  • I started doing some research online and at first I was very skeptical!
  • I had been on many diets and hated every minute of the experience and here I was reading about people who were losing as much as 15 Kilograms in a month whilst eating 500-800 calories a day!

This was obviously complete nonsense. Then I came acrosse the actual original “Pounds and Inches” manuscript written by the founder of the hCG diet, Sr. A.T.W. Simeons and downloaded it. This was the book that was to change my life.

The HCG Weight Loss System


?This diet is based on the book “Pounds and Inches” by DR. A.T.W. Simeon. It also sends the body into ketosis and is accompanied by doses of HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone that women produce while pregnant, and MIC drops — a combination of methionine, an amino acid, and a host of B vitamins and chromium.

The diet has multiple phases.

Women are not advised to take the HCG tablets during menstruation. The first two days of the diet are gorging days followed by the core phase of 500 calories a day — for three to 40 days. The transition phase follows and eliminates the HCG tablets, but it continues the 500 calories per day for another 72 hours.

A maintenance phase of 30 days follows in which you reintroduce additional calories on a graduated basis to hit 1,200 calories. You can restart the first phase after that.

Amanda Cochran, 22, said the diet worked for her. In 92 days, she lost 66 pounds and went from a size 26 to a size 18. “I began at 305 pounds, and I currently weigh 242. Though HCG is effective, it is not a miracle pill and requires diligence and steadfastness. I’m very satisfied with my results thus far and will continue until I reach my goal weight of 140 pounds, where I will continue to eat 1,200 calories per day.”

She is currently on her second cycle of the diet. Cochran had planned to sign up for bariatric surgery until her mother told her that other women had been successful on this diet. “I’m never actually hungry,” Cochran said.

She added that she has telephone access to a health coach and rarely waits more than an hour for a return phone call if she messages her coach. The diet calls for organic meats and restricts more than just food. Organic shampoos, toothpastes and deodorant are recommended. It also eliminates some cosmetics, moisturizers, creams, lotions and soy products because they have fats, oils or hormones in them that are detrimental to the diet.

Credits: Diets that actually work – GoErie.com

I was fortunate in that the hcg diet protocol I eventually chose allowed 800 calories a day. That may on sound like a lot, but believe me the choice between 500 and 800 calories is huge if it is you on that diet. The main aim of the hcg diet is to reset the part of your brain which tells your body what to do with the food you consume while achieving a fast weight loss at the same time.

Dr. Simeons proved that this concept worked whilst working with obese boys and women in India in the 1950’s. This is well documented in his book.

christene before and after3 Weight Loss Tips on The hCG Diet

So how do you go about choosing which protocol to use? The drops or the injections? Who should you deal with?What will you be eating?

  1. Well first of all you need to find and deal with, a reputable  company that will be able to support you and advise you regarding the correct weight loss system for you. A company that will be there for you whenever you have those lapses or are thinking of cheating. This is vital, particular with regard to the HCG weight loss system
  2. Secondly you must ensure that a proper diet plan is present and that it is explained in detail to you. This way you just follow the plan every day and don’t have to think about what you will be consuming.
  3. Make the choice between hcg injections or drops. I personally chose the injections because they are pharmaceutical grade HCG that have not been diluted in any way, while the hcg drops are diluted homeopathically and taken 6 times per day.

Taking drops 6 times a day seemed like top much trouble to me, but of course many people are a squeamish when it comes to injecting themselves. I had seen my Mom injecting herself countless times due to her diabetes and these are the identical injections, so I knew they were really painless. My research had also shown me that the hcg injections were about 20% more effective than the drops and that made my mind up for me and I ordered the injections.

This was the best decision of my life!

Make no mistake the first week was tough! After that though it got so much easier. I also did not have the normal symptoms I had while on diet. You know, tiredness, irritability, bad skin, listlessness etc.

I really felt good and I didn’t need to do any strenuous workout routines either. I did continue with my normal 20 minute walk two or three times a week without any feelings of discomfort. That’s how I came to start my own business marketing hcg products. I am able to help my clients because I have walked more than a mile in their shoes! We are based in Sandton and deliver all over South Africa within two days, so if you are ready to change your life, click on the Shop Now link to get started. I will be there with you every step of the way.

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