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The HCG drops are the only weight loss product that attacks the abnormal fat cells and leaves the muscle and structural fat cells alone.

HCG Drops and Injections

Lose weight fast with HCG Diet System.

It is entirely possible to lose 10 to 12 kilograms in 30 days with the HCG Diet System. The HCG slimming injections or HCG drops work equally well. The HCG protocol is an affordable slimming plan that offers genuinely fast weight loss, is safe AND it offers long term results. We offer free two day delivery all over South Africa. In addition, HCG drops are available for collection right here in Johannesburg South Africa!

The HCG diet plan is a time tested proven system to quickly shed unwanted kilograms and, you’ll keep them off because it also restores a sluggish metabolism.

We have thousands of happy (and thinner) clients all over the country and have never had even one complaint, which itself is a testament to how well the hcg injections and HCG drops actually work.

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Priscilla's HCG Diet Success Story

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The HCG diet is available as weight loss injections (hcg injections) or as weight loss drops (hcg oral drops) the choice is yours and they cost the same. Many people balk at taking hcg injections, preferring  oral HCG drops. So you don't need to worry you can buy hcg drops here as well. Whilst some prefer to buy weight loss drops I find that the majority do prefer to buy hcg injections.

We have thousands of satisfied clients who have used the HCG weight loss system to lose weight fast and they have kept the weight off long term.  The system  was created by a US based Endocrinologist with over 25 years of experience in treating metabolic disorders. HCG drops system has been proven to be one of the safest, most effective and up to date diet protocols available in 2016.

Be sure to also visit our Diet Information and FAQ pages which also feature detailed videos and information which will explain precisely how the HCG drops diet was developed and also give you a host of information you need for proof that HCG drops are safe for you and will help you to lose and keep off those dreaded extra KGs and inches for good.



"I started on 1 January 2017 with the HCG Diet. My mind was correct to start with the diet. I lost 7kg the first week, mostly a lot of water, because I was an unhealthy overweight person of 118kg. Until 24 March, I lost 24kg. Yes some days you feel like you're not going to make it!! But you can.

Now my uniform had to be adjusted and my clothes are falling off my body. This is the nicest experience and you get compliments on how good you are looking. My cholesterol was 8 and the doctor had to adjust my tablets to 40mg. From the end of January 2017 my cholesterol has dropped to 2 and I am now off my cholesterol medication. My family and husband role is very important to support me all the way.

Until now, middle of April I have lost 27kg and 96.5cm"

Queen: From 120kg to 111kg

"I started with injection on the 14th of May 2017. So I've been on HCG for 14 days effective.

That's last nite.

From 120 kg to 111kg to date.

So very happy I bought the HCG from you I'm so thrilled with the results so far.

Glory to God. To have met people like yourself."

Tarrin: From 75kg to 60kg

"Good morning Helen I just want to say a big big thank you for all your help, your service has been phenomenal and I have seen amazing results.

I fell pregnant and battled so so much to loose the weight. I had a personal trainer and I just was not loosing anything.

The HCG diet has changed my life. I have learnt portion control, hard work, dedication and what good foods to choose over bad foods.

The results are in the pictures.
Thank you for always being available"


The hCG Weight Loss Diet System Johannesburg South Africa

If you are tired of struggling to lose weight and keep it off then the HCG DIET SYSTEM SA is definitely the answer for you.

Best weight loss solution in record time. We will show you How to lose weight quickly without starving yourself, no crazy exercise regime, no pricey meals nor expensive supplements or pills.

I am sure you have tried endless diets which have left you feeling deprived, hungry depleted, no energy, even anxious or irritable. Well the good news is that you will have none of these side effects whilst using this hcg drops Weight loss program. In fact most people say they have never felt better.

Many people think Fat is Fat.. but do you know that there are 3 different types of Fat in the body. Normal Fats, structural Fats and abnormal fats. Normal fats and structural fats the body needs. Abnormal Fats are the guilty culprit ..  tummy rolls, saddle bags, love handles, double chin, batwing arms. The HCG drops attack this abnormal fat,  mobilising it to use as ENERGY and FUEL thus allowing you to Lose Weight Quickly, in the areas where you need it most.

How to Be Successful with HCG Diet Drops

With the advent in technology, we have the ability to improve our lifestyles and lead a healthier, happier life. While it may sound very difficult, it is rather made easier with medicinal advancements and technological improvements. One of the biggest concerns people have, especially women, is the inability to feel good about themselves. While there may be different reasons contributing to this factor, the most common one is obesity.

According to global stats, about 2 billion of the world's population is obese. Interestingly, these people are 18 and above young adults. As per WHO, there are more people dying of obesity as compared to malnutrition in the world. While people are trying their best to fight obesity, they still do not have complete control over it.

If we talk specifically about women, there are common factors such as stress eating, thyroid, hormonal imbalance, anxiety and insatiability that leads to obesity as opposed to simply eating unhealthy. In young men and women, these factors are growing and persisting as we head onto further years. Simply having a healthier food cycle and an active lifestyle does not seem enough for leading an improved mental and physical well being.

In order to ensure all of us are leading an improved and productive lifestyle, we need to maintain a mindful balance with a little extra help. In this amazing medicinally advanced world, we have got the HCG injections which can help us reduce weight and become healthier.

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is introduced in the human body for multiple reasons, one of them being control in the overall cycle of the body, leading to weight loss and healthier lifestyle. The hormone is introduced through HCG injections which is temporarily prescribed to the patient whose aim is to lose weight and feel at ease with their body shape and size. If you're wondering whether or not HCG injections are a healthy option, we assure you that HCG drops are an amazing change to your body and internal system.

While HCG injections are amazing for losing weight, you need to be a little careful about what your habits are during the usage of these injections. You need to be mindful of a few activities which will help you lose pounds immediately after you start taking these HCG injections. Following are some tips to make sure you lose that extra weight and look your best when you start taking hCG drops:

1. Do Not Overeat

This is an absolute necessity if you want to lose weight, no matter what you're doing. Even if you're taking in the HCG drops, you need to make sure you're eating only what is essential. While there is no strict restriction over the kind of food you can have, you cannot overeat and make it difficult for the body to work with the HCG hormone.

Make sure if you have a cheat meal in a week, you eat what you like, not as much as you would like to. One meal of overeating can counter the entire process of HCG hormone has outlined for you.

2. Protein is Essential

You need to understand that protein should be an essential part of every meal you have with the HCG drops. This is a hormone that the female body produces when its pregnant. Therefore, there is a constant need for proteins and folic acid to build cells and renew them after the fat has gone out. Your body will be constantly replacing and renewing cells in this process which is what the protein is for.

3. Limit Dairy

One of the most difficult things about this diet is the exclusion of dairy products. While dairy products are essential for strengthening of bones because of calcium and magnesium, dairy intake needs to be made zero when losing weight. Remove all dairy products such as milk, cream and even cheese. On the other hand, you can opt for replacements such as soy milk.

4. Include Fruits and Vegetables in your meals

It is important that your intake of fruits and vegetables is increased as you start the intake of HCG drops. Your body will be going through a lot of changes and it will definitely need all the minerals and vitamins it can get to stay healthy while losing weight as per your requirements. However, the amount of fruit to be consumed can vary. If there is one fruit in your meal, you can have up to two items of that fruit family. For example, you can have two apples in one meal but if you're also having a banana, you can only have one apple with it.

5. Cut down the Sugar

No matter how much we try, we cannot include sugar in any of our diets! With the HCG drops in your body, losing weight only becomes possible with cutting down sugars and artificially sweetened food items. Your sugar intake can be replaced by the natural sugars you consume in fruits. On the other hand, you are forbidden to consume chocolates, desserts, shakes, smoothies, juices, etc.

However, you can have fresh fruit juices without sugar. You can use alternatives to sugar which are healthier and don't make you put on weight. These include honey and fat-free sweeteners.

6. Reduce the Calorie Intake

During your weight loss journey with the HCG drops, you need to make sure your intake of calories is reduced. This reduction depends on your actual weight and your goal weight. However, on average, obese people are advised to reduce their calorie intake to as much as 500 calories per day.

This essentially means that you need to be very mindful and careful about what you eat when you're consuming HCG drops.

7. Stay Moderately Active

Because this is a rather strict and difficult diet, you need to make sure your body remains active and in exercise. While you do not have to be extremely active, this diet does require you to exercise a little bit. You can go out for a half hour walk and not exercise for the rest of the day. However, including a walk is a must to make sure your muscles remain active and healthy.

lost weight with HCG injections and drops


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