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Before And After Pictures HCG Diet

The protocol as suggested by Dr. Simeons originally called for a 500 calorie intake per day, which is actually a starvation level diet. Yet people thrived on this diet, feel terrific and their skin looks lovely as well.

  • Our hCG diet system is certainly not a starvation diet!
  • It is a low calorie (800 calories) diet used in conjunction with a daily intake of hCG via injection or oral drops that forces the body to use the reserves of fat it has stored as nutrients.
  • Importantly, no muscle loss occurs with the hCG diet system.

In the video below, Victoria tells and shows of of her journey on the HCG diet. She does precisely before and after measurements which prove just how much you can lose in 40 days! It is well worth watching and will provide you with the motivation you will need to complete the 30 to 40 days on the course.

HCG Diet Testimonial


“Thank you so much.HCG changed my life in ways I can never explain. It has not just helped me lose weight. But also gain confidence in myself. The amount of self control that it has taught me I can not even begin to explain. I never knew that eating healthy and losing weight would be possible for me… And now I know it is. So thank you so much for always being there to encourage me and helping me to keep going. Thank you from the bottom of my heart?”

Vanessa: From 116kg to 106kg

“Hi, Helen. Vanessa here 30 days ago I weighed 116kg. I’m now at 104kg. Can’t wait for my next order. Thanks a million”

Vanessa proudly shows off her stunning new look after losing so much weight with hcg injec tions


“I am 70 years old and have had a weight problem all my life. I have tried every diet ever conceived. The only way to lose all the weight you need to lose is the HCG way. It is not a wave of the magic wand diet. It takes commitment and passion to achieve your goal weight. I am a lazy dieter because I can’t be bothered with recipes. I find what works and stick to it. What worked for me was two proteins per day. One fruit and one vegetable per day. Lots of water, milk free tea, and coffee. Eg. Coffee or tea for breakfast. Chicken breast and cucumber for lunch and boiled eggs and orange for supper. I was never hungry. I did not put myself in a situation where I was tempted to eat anything that was not OK. I turned 70 in July and celebrated with my friends. I only ate 2 boiled eggs while my friends enjoyed all the usual birthday eats. It was worth the effort. Hope everyone will be successful and achieve their goal”

Michelle: Lost 14kgs and 53cms in a month

“Started the injections on the 9th of October, and was finally at my breaking point when I decided to give HCG a go, I made a decision to put my all into this to sacrifice in order to see results I’ve stuck to the meal plan 100% and in a month I’ve had a loss of 14kgs and 53 cms not only can I see the results but I feel AMAZING. Thank you to Alexis Currie and Helen Currie for this AMAZING product you have introduced to me.”

Michelle lost 12kgs



I started on 1 January 2017 with the HCG Diet. My mind was correct to start with the diet. I lost 7kg the first week, mostly a lot of water, because I was an unhealthy overweight person with 118kg. Until 24 March, I lost 24kg. Yes, some days you feel like you’re not going to make it!! But you can.

Now my uniform had to be adjusted and my clothes are falling off my body. This is the nicest experience and you get compliments on how good you are looking. My cholesterol was 8 and the doctor had to adjust my tablets to 40mg. From the end of January 2017, my cholesterol has dropped to 2 and I am now off my cholesterol medication. My family and husband’s role is very important to support me all the way.

Until now, middle of April I have lost 27kg and 96.5cm

Tarrin: From 75kg to 60kg

“Good morning Helen I just want to say a big big thank you for all your help, your service has been phenomenal and I have seen amazing results.

I fell pregnant and battled so so much to lose weight. I had a personal trainer and I just was not losing anything.

The HCG diet has changed my life. I have learned portion control, hard work, dedication, and what good foods to choose from over bad foods.

The results are in the pictures.
Thank you for always being available”

Prudence lost 31KG’s in 3 Months
Anne-Marie’s weight loss Sep – Jan

Cynthia lost 14KGs!

Cynthia lost 14KGs!

Priscilla lost 14.9KGs in 6 weeks

lost 10 KGs in 6 weeks