Best Weight Loss Injections

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Best weight loss injections in Johannesburg

This article discusses the best weight loss injections to lose weight fast in Johannesburg. Many of us struggle to go through weight loss and sadly sometimes even with increased physical activity, we get not so noticeable results on body weight.

This leads to anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, even suicidal thoughts, and bulk eating which results in obesity and more weight gain. Nowadays instead of a healthy living style, we are more prone to unhealthy lifestyles, eating habits, and junk food.

Staying healthy and active in a competitive world is a necessity now which could save us from common health problems like high blood pressure, low blood sugar, gallbladder problems, obesity, medullary thyroid carcinoma (digestive disorder), and so on.

With the advancement in healthy medicines, like weight loss medication; you can be healthy and have active exercises. Weight loss drugs aid you in achieving your desired goals with clear results and keep the weight in check balance. these drugs also help in reducing the increased risk of different types of cancer related to overweight and obesity like thyroid cancer, thyroid tumours.

These injections give a boost to your digestion system for the fast destruction of fat cells and provide you with energy to go through all set goals of diet and exercise plans.

To learn more about what is a weight loss medicine & how it is incorporated into your daily for your healthy lifestyle changes; consult with our professional healthcare provider to guide you through a healthy, weight management and exercise program.

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What is a weight loss injection? 

It is a weight loss drug prescribed by licensed professionals. They are used to reduce fat storage in your body, resulting in providing enough energy for reaching your health goals.

These injections are either of lipotropic, vitamin B12, HCG, or others in a well balanced customized diet plan because what aids one person lose weight may not be an effective drug for another.

Each person’s need is different that is why our skilled nutritionists thoroughly plan a full weight loss plan according to your needs to lose weight healthily.

Types of Weight Loss Injection

weight loss injectionsSometimes even with rigorous exercises and balanced food, we don’t get the desired results to lose weight which could truly be heartbreaking.

This is where advanced medicine methods like weight loss injections come in handy. With the right prescription and plan reaching your target weight would be easy.

There are different types of weight loss injection available in the market which is why it is important to know their types and how they work. With just one mouse click you can get a thorough consultation from us.

But for now, we are giving basic information about the most common and effective injections. This information will help you to avoid the wrong one for YOU because these could be harmful if you are allergic to any of the weight loss injection’s ingredients.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone found in the high ratio in the body during pregnancy. It is found out that it helps greatly in weight loss by boosting your metabolism, burning fat, and is said to be the best weight loss injection that enables you to consume fewer calories.


Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 has such properties that it increases the rate of metabolism and forces the fat cells to release more energy in your system. This vitamin is naturally found in animal products like dairy, eggs, meat, shellfish, and more.

A regulated and managed dose of vitamin B12 can help burn extra fats. They also help in reducing adipose tissues (body fat). this vitamin has mixed views from doctors on whether it aids in weight loss treatment or not, but it is confirmed that this vitamin has a significant effect on the rate of metabolism and its deficiency could lead to obesity symptoms.


  • A helping weight loss agent
  • Used as a treatment for other conditions
  • You can administer it yourself at home
  • Other health benefits regard metabolism, red blood cell production, brain, and nerves.


  • Some may be allergic to its component like cobalt due to Leher’s disease
  • Mixed views on burning excess fat.

Possible Side effects of Vitamin B12

Getting B12 naturally is fine although getting it via injection does have some risks and serious side effects. If you witness any of the following, contact your physician or nearby health center or hospital for medical help.

Most common side effects

  • Swelling in parts like feet and ankles.
  • Mild diarrhea
  • Itchiness or redness on the injection site.
  • Muscle cramps

Serious Side Effects

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • swelling of the tongue, throat, and face could be an alarming symptom of thyroid cancer
  • Distorted speech or vision
  • Lightheaded and dizziness


Lipotropic has a fat-burning ability in it which is extracted in the injection for burning extra unwanted pounds easily. Three main chemicals make up these injections which are Methionine, inositol, and choline. Lipotropic injections are also known as MIC weight loss injections. These are mainly used in spas and weight loss clinics. MIC injections are prescription medication so make sure these are given to you by licensed physicians like ours.



  • These injections need to be injected and prescribed by licensed physicians to avoid any risk of health or low blood sugar levels.

Vitamin B & Lipotropic 

Another effective weight loss option is the combination of vitamin B & Lipotropic. This injection includes vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and C along with 3 Lipotropics & Lidocaine. This injection is the complete package with essential nutrients and vitamins in addition to fat burning agents. The only allergic component in this injection is Lidocaine. Other than that it’s pretty safe to use.


  • It contains all the essential vitamins & nutrients
  • It burns the fats of the body


  • Have an allergy component of Lidocaine.

Frequently Asked HCG Questions

How Do Weight Loss Injections Work? 

As you have read earlier there are different types available in the market. Each of these has different properties and has different ways of burning fats in the body and is prescribed in accordance with your body mass.

Besides increasing metabolism to treat obesity, weight loss drugs provide you with other health benefits like detoxification, energy supply, and antioxidant properties to help in losing weight and balancing healthy body weight.

Prescription drugs for losing weight are said to be the jump start or a push you need in your diet plan and exercises.

With proper scheduling, planning, and organizing, weight loss drugs are very helpful. You can learn more about these drugs and weight management; which ones are good for you by consulting with our professionals for an overview of your overall health.

Which injection is good for balanced body weight? 

From the above-mentioned weight loss drugs, we highly recommend HCG injections because so far it has shown more practical results than other weight loss drugs as well as the only downside is these are a bit more expensive than others.

Along with a reduced-calorie diet, HCG shows wonderful weight-related results. So far HCG drug hasn’t shown any health risk and has gone through clinical trials to be proven to keep the weight and blood pressure balanced.

How much are injections for weight loss in accordance with body mass index? 

Usually, the cost of weight loss injections is from R1200 to R3000 depending on which package you choose.

However, if you are consulting a weight loss clinic like ours or weight loss spas then the price is included in the whole weight loss package consisting of scheduled food plans, planned injections doses in accordance with your body mass index.

Do fat dissolving injections make you lose weight? 

Yes, fat dissolving injections help you lose weight especially in those areas where your exercise and diet plan isn’t doing much.

These fat dissolving injections have vitamin C and iron which causes natural fat cell destruction to provide more energy. These can be used as a single treatment method or best in a whole weight loss plan.

What can I drink to melt belly fat?

There are many home remedies available online to try, the most popular one is lemon-infused water in the morning.

Another famous drink is jeera water which helps in reducing extra unwanted weight. Just add a teaspoon of zeera to the water and leave it for the whole night. Stain it in the next morning and have it before your breakfast.

Funnel Water

This drink is beneficial for bloating and indigestion problems. It is more of a detoxification remedy. Detoxifying your body aids in your weight loss procedure.

It is also easy to make just leave one teaspoon of the funnel in the water overnight and drink strainer drain water in the morning before breakfast.

Carom Water

Carom Water helps in boosting metabolism and digestion. To prepare this drink you need to leave 2 teaspoons of carom in water overnight and have it early in the morning before anything else.

All these drinks will only be effective if drunk in the morning before breakfast because that is the time when metabolism is at its high working peak.

What dissolves fat in the body? 

HCG is responsible for breaking down fat cells into fatty acids and glycerol. Lipases get activated by different hormones like glucagon, epinephrine, and so on.

Final Words

Here at HCG Diet System, we offer you well-organised diet plans with a balanced month’s supply of weight loss drug HCG doses for healthy lifestyle changes. Our plan helps you raise your health quality, fight obesity, improve medical conditions along with cutting out the extra weight that won’t even budge.

If you have a weight-related condition is highly recommended to be consulted by a professional, especially before taking weight loss drugs because many factors like higher doses & lower doses can raise the risk to your health, blood pressure, blood sugar, glucose levels, and so on.

In our weight loss treatment, your body weight, personal or family history of obesity & blood pressure, blood sugar, and other things are taken into consideration for the sake of your health.