The Menopause Weight Solution

What exactly is Menopause? As women we are all going to hit Menopause sooner or later. ..the big M as some of my friends call it! Some will suffer from severe symptoms and then others not so severe but all of us females will battle with weight gain and or struggle to lose any weight, … Read more

HCG & Weight Loss for Men

HCG Diet For Men One of the most common questions we are asked is if the HCG Diet is for women only. This is one of the biggest misconceptions because what we have found, is that men lose weight faster than women and tend to keep it off. The HCG Diet is 100% safe for … Read more

How To Lose Weight Fast With HCG Diet System South Africa

how to lose weight fast south africa

How To Lose Weight Fast With HCG Diet System South Africa [svpVideo v=1] How To Lose Weight Fast Anyone who believes all the stories that abound about miracle diets where you simply pop a pill and your fat vanishes is really living in cloud cuckoo land. While that may sound a bit harsh, it is … Read more

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Announcing: The HCG Diet South Africa


HCG Diet Injections And Drops We all are unhappy with our bodies and most of us are in pursuit of the perfect shape so we are endlessly looking for ways to lose weight. Aside from looking good, the health benefits of weight loss are enormously beneficial to us long term. One can reduce the sugar … Read more

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Cinnamon – A Valuable Weight Loss Spice

cinnamon for weight loss

How Does Cinnamon Help With Weight When thinking about cinnamon and fat loss, it is hard to believe there’s any connection between them. Latest studies have shown a little bit of cinnamon added to your everyday diet can contribute to your weight loss progress. As an increasing number of obese people start realizing they won’t … Read more

Irish Celebrity loses 11lbs in 3 weeks on hCG Diet

Lucy after hCG diet

Celebrity loses 11lbs on hCG diet After viewing unflattering pictures of herself, in the newspaper the remarkable Irish TV star, Lucy Kennedy decided to adhere to an hCG diet and lose weight and she is now ready to make a comeback. After dropping a dress size and losing 11lbs in 3 weeks, on the hCG … Read more

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