Can Diabetics Lose Weight Safely With HCG?

Can Diabetics Lose Weight safely with HCG?

The facts about Diabetics and HCG
Obviously, there are many things to take into account regarding your health and the different types of Diabetes.
The HCG Diet System Program has proven to help many people lose excess weight and live a healthier lifestyle.
This weight loss program has helped so many people with underlying, health and medical conditions.
If ever there was a time in History to be healthy… it is NOW during this scary Global Pandemic!
We all have to do our best to stay healthy and boost our immune system.

We have found that this HCG weight loss program is even beneficial to people with Diabetes who are desperate to lose weight and still control their health.

Is this Weight Loss Program right for you?

Depending on the type of diabetes you have and the seriousness of the problem, will determine if the HCG weight loss program will be beneficial to you.
There are two types of Diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Whilst both types of Diabetics can benefit from the HCG program, those with type 2 Diabetes will get greater benefit.

Pre-Diabetic or Insulin Resistance
If you are Pre-Diabetic or Insulin resistant you will absolutely benefit from the HCG Diet System Program.
As you will shed excess weight which is a huge contributing factor in causing Type 2 Diabetes or Insulin Resistance.
You might have wondered why you seem to carry a lot of weight around your tummy area, well this is can certainly be a sign of Insulin Resistance or Pre-Diabetic – whichever you prefer to call it.
Insulin Resistant and Pre-Diabetic will most definitely benefit from the HCG Diet Program, as losing excess weight also helps stabilise the blood sugar in your body.

Type 2 Diabetics

These people will have excellent results from the HCG Diet Program, as they are not insulin-dependent.
This is the most common cause of Diabetes and the body with excessive abnormal fat, is often the big contributing factor.
This is why type 2 diabetics are strongly advised to lose excess weight by following a weight loss program.
As a solution to get the condition under control.
You can join us and follow the HCG Diet Protocol which is so beneficial, as you will see the kilograms begin to drop immediately. In addition the weight loss results in better blood pressure levels improved steady lower blood sugar levels in the body and less strain on the heart.
You will notice these positive results in only a few days, with the stabilisation of glucose in the body, dropping to normal levels within a matter of weeks.
Not only will you be losing weight but your overall health will be improving, as well as an increase in energy.
Type 2 Diabetics can safely use HCG slimming Injections or HCG slimming drops.

Type 1 Diabetes

People with type 1 Diabetes can live long healthy lives.
You will need to keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels. Your doctor would normally discuss the range that you should ensure your blood sugar levels remain at.
Adjust your Insulin, Food and get exercise even just regular walking during the day.
Everyone with Type 1 Diabetes needs to have Insulin Shots everyday, to control their blood sugar.

If you are a type one Diabetic you can use both the HCG Drops or the Injections, if given the go ahead by your Doctor.
The reason we suggest this is because Type 1 Diabetics do not all take the same daily amount of Insulin in order to control their particular Diabetes and it would definitely depend on the severity of your condition.
However for any type of diabetic, one of the biggest benefits to your condition, is losing weight.
We do offer a modified plan for Type 1 Diabetics, during the Detox Phase (first 3 days) of the HCG Diet Plan, to make sure your sugar levels remain stable.

Irrespective of Type 1, Type 2 Diabetics, Pre-Diabetics or Highly insulin Resistant, which is the most common name for Pre-Diabetics, you will definitely benefit from the HCG Diet Protocol.
The results of the weight loss and the healthy eating habits, will most certainly be beneficial in improving your overall health and general well-being.

You can safely continue taking any medications that you have been prescribed, whilst taking the HCG as well.
The HCG will not interact or interfere with your meds, it is absolutely safe with no side effects.

You may find that after losing several kilograms that you could even reduce your diabetes medication, as your blood sugar improves and remains stable, however our recommendation would be that you check with your Physician first, before reducing or stopping any medications. You most likely will be able to reduce the amount or dosage daily once you have seen the positive effects of the HCG Diet.