Does Drinking Lemon Water Help With Weight Loss?

Does Drinking Lemon water help with weight loss?

While it may seem far fetched, lemon water is the drink of choice for those trying to lose weight. Lemon water can actually help you lose weight and burn belly fat, but it is not a miracle drink.

Drink Lemon Water Instead of Juice

Adding a few drops of lemon juice or infusing your water with lemon slices can add flavour to your water quenching your craving for juice, without piling on the calories. Lemon water is low in calories and sugar, can fill you up and deter sugar cravings between meals.

Lemon Water is Water

Although flavoured water and concentrated juice mixes look like mostly water, it actually contains a lot of sugar.
Lemon water on the other hand contributes to your water intake which is beneficial for weight loss and your general overall health.

A Boost for your Metabolism

Although research is not specific to lemon water, water has been proven to improve your metabolism. Water suppresses your appetite too and aids digestion all of which contribute to weight loss and the bloated appearance of your tummy.