Food cravings

Food cravings

Firstly, it’s important to understand that there are powerful biological and psychological forces that motivate us towards food and which are constantly operating in an environment, that promotes weight gain and not weight loss.

There’s nothing morally inferior about giving into food cravings. Blame and stigma around eating and weight are known to be highly detrimental and need to be eradicated. However, there are ways that we can bring our cravings under control.

People often go on weight loss diets as a way of managing their eating and weight. However when dieting it always seem to make us feel deprived, but really “that is just in the mind.”

So, setting realistic eating and weight management goals is likely to be a better approach. Achieving goals increases belief in our ability to succeed as well as improving mood, which in turn can help us stick to healthier eating patterns. In contrast, setting unrealistic goals has the opposite effect.

It’s also important to identify and manage tempting situations. For example, avoiding the confectionery aisle in the supermarket altogether may help to prevent cravings and curb impulse buys.

If you don’t buy these high sugar, high calorie, foods then you won’t feel the temptation to eat them.

Many people also experience cravings and desire to eat in response to mood. Therefore, trying to develop alternative coping strategies that don’t involve food and drink (such as going for a walk), calling a friend, reading some motivational success stories, can be helpful. Even googling the health benefits to you when you lose weight.

Finally, distinguishing between physical hunger signals and cravings may also help with control of food intake. “Mindful Eating” involves paying attention to hunger and satiety signals, and has been shown to be an effective weight-loss strategy.

We all can, and should be able to, enjoy eating nice-tasting food if you use your imagination and our recipes supplied at HCG Diet System SA you will find yourself enjoying some very tasty but healthy meals.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, as we have the passion and the knowledge, to help you get healthy and lose weight.