HCG Diet Quick Tips

HCG Diet Quick Tips – Get More From The HCG Diet


Today is the best time to lose excess weight!

Many of you have already lost quite a few pounds and others are still in the process of losing!

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] For those who have been losing and have stalled or simply need to lose a couple more pounds before the end of your rounds, here are a couple quick HCG Diet Tips that can help!!

These tips are designed to assist when either you’ve hit a plateau:

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Increase your water intake!
[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Increase your protein slightly by 1/2 an ounce.
[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] If you are eating out (make sure the chef doesn’t rub your chicken breast or veggies in butter!
[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Don’t eat breadsticks (melba toast) only if you’ve stalled.

Also a couple questions you may want to ask yourself if your weight loss is slowing down:

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Am I drinking enough water?
[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Am I skipping breakfast? (only water, tea, black coffee for breakfast)
[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Are you taking Vitamins?  (you shouldn’t need a vitamin or any supplements while on HCG)
[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Are you using any lotions, creams?
[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] Are you exercising? (no exercise during HCG – you can reintroduce exercise during the maintenance phase)

I hope these hcg diet quick tips help and can assist you when you notice weight loss slowing or you’ve hit a plateau.

Any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below or call me now!

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