HCG Diet Tip

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Eating to lose weight requires discipline and planning, but it doesn’t always go according to plan. Every now and then you’re going to have a meal that isn’t part of your weight-loss program and you need to be OK with that.
You see, many dieters who have an unscheduled ‘bad’ meal will fall into the trap of feeling really guilty and negative about it – so much so that they will begin to justify eating more ‘bad’ things because they’ve RUINED their entire diet anyway.

The truth is this: One ‘bad’ meal CAN change your weight

If you move on from a ‘bad’ meal by getting back on track and sticking with your plan, it’ll be like the mistake never happened. If you feel guilty about it and allow your brain to con you into eating more junk, the mistake becomes something a lot more serious.
You could make up for it the following day by having an Apple or Steak Day (see our guide)
So don’t beat yourself up about one ‘bad’ meal that wasn’t in the plan. Just move on. Get back to the good stuff.
Keep losing the weight.

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