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HCG Diet For Fast Weight Loss


Why HCG Diet System?

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HCG Diet System is a complete weight loss program with a very extensive accompanying booklet plus weight loss recipes. The recipes have been prepared by an expert nutritionist. The booklet guides you, step by step, through the weight loss and stabilization phase. We also pay attention to the phase of life in which you will eventually have to do it all by yourself.

With our weight loss system and support, you will certainly succeed.

The HCG Diet Drops are energized by hand. We can always guarantee maximum quality, and you will see that back in the results!

The power of the diet is adjusting your eating pattern. During this period we recommend healthy food that contains little or no carbohydrates and fats. By replacing the main meals with calorie-restricted products you will lose weight. Our

During the days of our weight loss program, you are consciously working on your nutrition. You will learn a lot from this. You will notice that you will use this (automatically) in the future and that is very important to prevent the yo-yo effect. The fact that you have gained weight often has to do with a wrong eating pattern. Once you know where you went wrong (and with which products), the chance of relapse is much smaller.

Support and guidance

The diet is easy to apply and follow at home. The accompanying booklet contains all the information you need. We have supplied 30 days of HCG weight loss recipes. So you know exactly what you can eat that day.

Do you have questions or uncertainties? Ask our specialists!

Every evening a delicious dinner is on the program. In the booklet, we have a different recipe for each weight loss day. So there is plenty of choice for everyone.

The book also contains handy lists of recommended and forbidden foods. This way you can also compose your own recipes. Is there a product you cannot find? Just ask us!

Structure of the diet

The HCG Diet System weight loss program is built up in 3 different phases.

Phase 1: The first phase is the weight loss phase. During this phase, you will follow a tailor-made diet. To support this you will use HCG Diet System drops or injections on a daily basis. The standard phase lasts 30 days (extension or shortening is possible).

Phase 2: This is also called the stabilization phase. In this phase, the number of recommended calories per day is slowly increased. It would be very unwise not to build this up slowly. Your body has made do with fewer calories for 30 days and has gotten used to it. Your stomach has also adjusted to this. In the stabilization phase, the main meals are still adjusted so that you can still realize weight loss in this phase. The stabilization phase fits in well with phase 3.

Phase 3: The final phase of the diet is the life phase. Now you have to do it yourself! During the cure, you have been consciously working on nutrition and weight loss. You will notice that you take these experiences with you into the future. Together with the weight loss tips, we will give you, you will surely succeed in keeping your new weight.

Will I gain weight again after the HCG Diet System?

Miracle cures do not exist! For the most part, you have it under control. When you start eating a lot of candy again after the HCG treatment, choosing the wrong meals and not exercising, it is very likely that you will return to your old weight. This will happen with every weight loss product. We do get many positive reactions from clients who indicate that they look at nutrition differently. We often hear that they still use our HCG recipes on a regular basis. The chance of relapse is much smaller than with other weight loss products.

The recipes are healthy, nutritious and above all delicious. Can I not eat anything after the HCG Diet System treatment? Of course, you can but it is important to do everything in moderation. There are so many products that you might not immediately think of, but that are very tasty and healthy. It is just a matter of breaking through your old pattern and ‘turning the switch’.

Over 60 years ago, British endocrinologist Albert Simeons discovered the HCG diet. He conducted research on obesity in combination with the HCG hormone. After intensive research, he came to the conclusion that the daily addition of a small amount of HCG in combination with a balanced diet led to weight loss.

Over the years, and especially in the last 10 years, it has been further developed. The HCG Diet System HCG drops consist of a base liquid that includes L – Carnitine, distilled water and citric acid. The effect of the HCG hormone is transferred to this base fluid by advanced programs using frequencies. We also call this energizing.

In short:

The HCG diet lasts 30 days as standard but can be extended or shortened. This depends on your weight loss goal. Our HCG diet contains all the necessities to follow at home:

How is the HCG treatment structured?

Each morning of the HCG course you start with the HCG drops or HCG Injections. This ensures that you don’t feel hungry, the excess fat burning is stimulated and the body will release the fat. This allows you to lose fat in an effective way.

During the weight loss days of our weight loss diet, you follow a balanced diet. It is mainly a low-fat and low-carb diet. The entire diet is described in the accompanying booklet. We have written out all the diet days ourselves so you can’t go wrong. You know exactly what you can take for breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. The HCG drops in combination with the diet ensure that you can reach your weight loss goal.

Recommended food during the HCG diet

Steak – steak tartare – steak tartare – beef striploin – roast beef – veal – carpaccio – horse striploin – chicken breast – turkey breast – sole – codfish – plaice – monkfish – ling – mussels – shrimp – crab – tilapia/panga fillet – tuna – lobster – pollock – hare – roe – all brassica – all leafy vegetables – Brussels sprouts – kohlrabi – celery – rhubarb – mushrooms – onion – asparagus – fennel – radish – bean sprouts – tomato – bell bell pepper – artichokes – beet – chicory – leek – cucumber – endive – pak choi – spinach

These are just some examples to give you an idea of the HCG diet. To make it easy for you we have already put together 30 different recipes, all of which can be found in the accompanying booklet ‘. As you can see, the HCG diet can also be called a carbohydrate-restricted or fat-free diet. The focus is mainly on healthy and protein-rich foods.

Prohibited foods during the HCG diet

Trout – salmon – eel – herring – pork – lamb – organ meats – fatty game species – legumes – carrots – zucchini – eggplant – corn – pumpkin – sweets – alcohol – potatoes – rice – pasta – nuts – bread

HCG Injections

HCG injections are a wonderful way to quickly reduce weight. If you’ve tried dieting and exercising but haven’t seen the medical weight loss you desire, HCG injections might be ideal for you. HCG injections have been demonstrated to help consumers lose excess weight.

HCG Drops

Our HCG diet drops are produced through a series of meticulous dilutions of HCG concentrated form. One distinctive feature of this type of HCG is that it is extremely strong in the field of homoeopathy. When compared to intravenous treatment or injections, using homoeopathic medicines does not result in any negative side effects.

Homoeopathic HCG drops are not habit-forming. This means they will not impede your natural enzymatic or digestive processes or stimulate your body unnaturally.

HCG Diet Information

The HCG diet is a way to lose weight quickly. It was discovered during the 1950s when a doctor found that the hormone could help people lose weight. The doctor’s name was Dr Simeons, from England.

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A very small amount of HCG is utilized in weight reduction therapy, and it may be used with confidence and safety by women and men alike if administered in this manner.

HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy in large amounts, and it’s known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Ascheim and Zondek discovered hCG in the urine of pregnant women back in the 1950s. After its discovery, scientists sought for a name for this substance, and when they noticed that

It is a hormone that is produced naturally in the human body. Commonly referred to as “the pregnancy hormone”, hCG is what allows a woman’s body to metabolize fat and convert it to needed energy for both she and her fetus. This acts as an assured natural bodily function when an immediate need for energy is present.

HCG Diet Recipes

Your weight loss journey will be made much easier if you can eat tasty, nutritious and healthy food that will satisfy you and not leave you with feelings of hunger. Our HCG recipes have been designed by a top nutritionist. The recipe booklet covers a full 30 days of meals. All the meals are easy to prepare with readily available ingredients and will help you to easily maintain the 800 calories you are allowed on the HCG diet.


Do you have questions or are there uncertainties during the diet? We are always ready to answer all your questions. Together we will go for maximum results!

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HCG Diet For Fast Weight Loss