How Much Weight Do You Lose on HCG Injections

How Much Weight Do You Lose on HCG Injections

Obviously, the amount of weight that one can lose taking the HCG Injections depends entirely on how much excess weight the individual is actually carrying.

If you have 10 kilograms or more to lose, the results are quite incredible.

The general average is between 8 – 10 kgs in only 30 days.
The average person can expect to lose between 2.5 to 3kgs a week.
Not only will the scale register the weight loss but the centimetre loss is phenomenal as well, one can actually feel the body shrinking.
Did you know that by losing 5 kilograms of excess weight, you will drop a full dress size?

How Much does it cost for HCG Injections?

 A 30-day supply of the HCG Injections normally costs R1299.00
A two Months supply costs R2300.00
A Three Months supply costs R3400.00.
Many people buy the one-month supply at R1299.00 and
 re-order on a monthly basis should they want to continue losing more weight.

What do HCG injections do to your body?

 When taking the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Injections and following the reduced-calorie diet protocol, the HCG puts the body in an anabolic state.
The metabolism is triggered and stimulated so it is no longer sluggish.  In other words, the HCG Injections allow the body to burn unwanted fat and not muscle. The weight loss is therefore excess fat and not any muscle mass.
By taking the HCG injections, and following the reduced-calorie diet plan,  your body is burning and breaking down any excess fat that you have,  using this as energy and fuel for your body’s everyday needs. 
By using the HCG in conjunction with the diet plan you will find it helps reduce High blood sugar, improves and reduces high blood pressure and you will find a decrease in appetite, improvement in your skin, nails and hair,  along with a feeling of general well being. 

Do HCG injections have side effects?

 As HCG is actually produced in high doses, by females when pregnant, it really has no side effects and is safe for the majority of people, to take for losing weight.
The one important thing to take note of here is that taking the HCG injections can increase one’s fertility, therefore one should use a form of Birth Control.

Who should not take HCG injections?

Anyone who is breastfeeding.
If you have a history of Breast Cancer or other forms of Cancer-related illness. 
Any serious chronic illness, such as Epilepsy, seizures etc. one really should rather consult your GP before going ahead with the HCG. 

What happens when you stop taking HCG?

One of the benefits of the HCG Diet plan is that it really does teach one what a healthy way of eating is.
You will find that you can maintain your weight loss with the right nutrition and choices.
The HCG Program comes with a maintenance plan which you should follow for several weeks, slowly introducing back certain foods that you may not have been eating whilst losing weight.

You will find that after losing the weight you are now much more conscious of what is healthy and nutritious.
The maintenance plan is important and will be of great benefit to you. We support and assist you during the entire journey and you will keep the weight off.

It is like everything in life, everything in moderation and it is all about what you choose to do!
Give your body what it needs to be healthy and strong.

How Much Weight Do You Lose on HCG Injections
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