Losing weight and Anti-Ageing

Is Weight Loss and Ageing related?

There is a multi-billion dollar industry out there devoted to various products that fight sings of ageing.
Moisturisers, Night Creams, Skin serums etc. I could go on and on but I am sure you get it!
But these products only go skin deep. However ageing occurs deeper – at a cellular level and scientists have learnt over the years that eating less slows this process. When the cells protein makers slow down, the ageing process slows down too. So what causes the cells protein makers to slow down in the first place?
Well quite simply its reduced calorie consumption.

When you restrict calorie consumption, there is almost a linear increase in lifespan.

It has been proven in many studies over the years, that calorie restriction caused real biochemical changes in the body that slowed down the rate of ageing. You know what they say “You are What You Eat”
We definitely need to make more educated decisions about what we eat. This is another huge benefit of following the HCG Diet protocol, not only will you lose weight and feel great, but you will look great as well.