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Hello my name is Helen Currie and together with my daughter Alexis, I run the HCG Diet System.  Below is an image of me at my heaviest and how I look today, 34 KGs lighter.

Helen lost 34 KGs

You are welcome to WhatsApp or call me on 076 366 0325 or Alexis on 076 366 0325 for a chat any time!

We have thousands of contactable client testimonials on file and in fact in almost 5 years online, we have not had even one unhappy client. We provide a very personal service and are available at all times to help you with  this journey!

We can because we have traveled the same path!

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  • This coupon will also be valid for clients who visit us to consult and place orders!

Below are a just a few images of proud and happy clients who have benefited from the HCG Diet System.

Mary lost 12.6 KGs

Cynthia lost 14KGs!HCG before and after

lost 10 KGs in 6 weeks

To download Dr Simeons original manuscript that proves the effectiveness of HCG to lose weight fast, please click on thus link >> Click here