Is Shopping For Clothes A Pleasurable Or A Painful Experience?


Is Shopping for clothes a pleasurable or a painful experience?

I just switched the TV on and the programme “American Housewife” was on …this is a comedy
The opening line was
“I officially have given up shopping for clothes, as the only thing I could get to fit was an XL shirt in the Men’s department”
She then goes on to discuss how department stores do not cater for average size woman and shouldn’t they be penalised after all “Fat Lives Matter”
I had a really good chuckle at this as I have been in the very same place as this character in the TV show, so can relate and although I can laugh about it now, many times in the past I wasn’t laughing but sobbing.
This needn’t be you…with our HCG Diet Program you will never suffer the humiliation of not finding clothes to fit you ever again.
Then shopping for clothes will be the ultimate pleasurable experience it should be!

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