Simple Diet Hacks – Shakes

Simple Diet Hacks – Shakes

Eating whole foods should be the basis for any good diet.
In other words, the majority of your calories should come from real food, not processed stuff.

However unfortunately, what this idea does though to many slimmers, is push them away from any supplements, in particular meal replacement shakes.
This is a problem for two reasons. One, meal replacement shakes can be very helpful, in various capacities, in conjunction with the rest of your diet, and two, they are real food if you use a good quality one.
Meal replacement shakes are a good option if you are very busy, as they are convenient.

A good quality shake used once per day as a meal replacement helps you get a good meal without too many calories. They are usually high in protein (get a whey shake) so they keep you full too. Also, if you don’t have time to eat, knocking back a shake ensures that you don’t skip a meal.

A good quality meal replacement shake should be seen as food, not a supplement. But just like you wouldn’t eat ONLY broccoli and hope to be healthy, you shouldn’t drink all your calories from shakes. Replace one meal a day with a shake and your weight loss should accelerate a bit. Just don’t overdo it.

We always keep in stock High Quality Meal replacement shakes, in many different delicious flavours.

It would be very helpful and convenient for you if whilst following the HCG Diet Weight Loss you added one of our Meal replacement shakes – you will always find a time during the HCG diet that it would allow you to continue your healthy eating lifestyle without going off track!