“Skinny Women Are So Lucky”

“Skinny Women Are So Lucky”

Isn’t is so true that those of us who battle with our weight always know someone who can eat anything and everything yet they still remain Skinny. Some people we say just have the right skinny genes and will never carry excess weight but if you look at the broader picture there are many people out there complaining because they just simply cannot pick up weight!

All of us who are trying to lose weight complain because this person is so “Lucky” they can eat anything and not pick up weight! Whereas many of us just have to look at a Donut and our thighs get bigger.
We complain about how unfair it is but did you ever stop to think, complaining about it really doesn’t help you lose weight. It is not constructive to even compare your body to other people’s. That “Lucky Skinny” person probably has other issues in her life.

Your weight loss journey is your own thing and the way your body looks is a result of your genetics and your choices.
Both of these things have nothing to do with the “Lucky Skinny Girl”

The best thing to do is get your attitude right, don’t complain and never compare yourself to others.
Just make good choices every day and then enjoy watching your progress. With our HCG Diet program you will soon be the Skinny girl people complain about and you will realise just how much Luck has nothing to do with looking great, having a slim body and being healthy.

Don’t put it off any longer or think you cannot lose weight – because you absolutely CAN and you will if you join us at HCG Diet System SA today!

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