HCG Diet Tips

hcg diet tips

HCG Diet Tips: How to Get the Most Out of The HCG Diet HCG, also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that’s found in women mainly during pregnancy. The placenta is responsible for the production of this hormone. It is often called the pregnancy hormone. This hormone plays a … Read more

HCG Medical Weight Loss

hcg medical weight loss

HCG Medical Weight Loss HCG Diet System Sandton Provides personalized HCG weight loss solutions that have been scientifically proven by doctors. HCG Diet System is pleased to announce the opening its new weight loss clinic at HCG Diet System 2415/12 Hawthorn Village Short Street, Fourways Sandton 2068 HCG Diet Clinic The Fourways, Sandton clinic is … Read more

Mushroom Ramen Soup

Mushroom Ramen Soup Ingredients 3 cups fat free beef broth 2 tsp minced garlic 2 tsp minced ginger 1 tbsp Braggs amino Pinch of red pepper flakes (optional) to taste 2 cups thinly sliced mushrooms 1 cup thinly sliced celery 100g thinly sliced lean top sirloin 1/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp pepper 100g Zero Calorie … Read more

Why Am I Always Hungry?

Was It Something You Ate? That doughnut at work seemed too good to miss. But now you want something else. Tasty in the moment, sugary drinks, candy, and pastries don’t give you lasting energy, so you’re soon hungry again. Better choices: anything with fibre, whole grains, fruits, or vegetables, and lean protein (such as eggs, … Read more

Constipation on the HCG Diet System

Constipation on the HCG Diet System Not everyone suffers with constipation whilst on the HCG Diet Plan however some people have this problem and in fact have had it for years, prior to starting the HCG Diet. I think there are some misconceptions here because the HCG Diet itself does not cause constipation. Water Please … Read more

HCG Injections or HCG Oral Drops?

The Pros and Cons Of The HCG Injections HCG Injections are the most common method of taking HCG, only because it was the original method used by Dr. Simeons back in the 1950s. Since then, injections have become the standard method of taking HCG. Usually the HCG is injected into your abdominal area, but can … Read more

HCG Drops

All about the HCG Drops People are curious about the HCG Drops – are they magical and do they perform a miracle for those desperate to lose weight? Actually, HCG Drops are a scientific breakthrough comprised of a special hormone that melts away fat cells when activated. The HCG hormone lies in the body’s molecular … Read more

Transforming Your Body With HCG

Transforming Your Body Our diet protocol is definitely about transforming, not only your body but your life as well. I have personally completely changed my life and seen hundreds of others do the same using our HCG program. The main key to success with this program is gathering the correct information, buying the Top Quality … Read more

The Difference Between the HCG Injections and the HCG Drops

The Difference Between the HCG Injections and the HCG Drops HCG drops are created from the full-strength, synthetic hCG hormone used for injections. The oral version is diluted and made into sublingual drops that can be placed under the tongue, usually three to six times per day. The amount of the hCG hormone in your … Read more