The Best Foods to Eat or Drink in the Morning whilst following HCG Diet plan

The Best Foods to Eat or Drink in the Morning whilst following HCG Diet plan

Lemon in Water

This helps detoxify the liver and kidneys.


It is common practice for a lot of people to have coffee in the morning with the belief that it helps keeps them awake. Well, if you are one of those people, you will be glad to know that coffee does indeed keep you awAke and alert and improves your overall mental performance. Taking Black coffee in the morning helps boost your memory power and keeps the nerves in check. The amount f of caffeine in coffee has also been proven to improve your mood and increase your metabolic rate, in addition to the fact that for people who like to exercise, it increases their performance during workouts. Antioxidants rich in coffee decrease your chances of getting diabetes and liver disease. Coffee fab also help clean your stomach out by flushing out the toxins as it is a diuretic beverage.


Breakfast most will tell you is undeniably the most important meal of the day as it provides us with the energy needed to work throughout the day. Eating a healthy breakfast is linked to having better memory and ability to concentrate more in your tasks, in addition to the fact it keeps you healthy, which is why choosing the right foods to eat in the morning is so important.


It has been proven that eating Eggs in the morning will help you feel fuller throughout the day making your calorie intake at your next meal less. Though they are high in cholesterol, in most people, they do not increase cholesterol levels in the body.
In fact, they reduce your chances of getting heart disease by modifying the shape of bad cholesterol and improving your insulin sensitivity. Eggs bossy your metabolism and Especially help you shed more fat around your belly area. The yolks prevent fat absorption while providing you with iron,Vitamin A and B-12
Eggs are the Champion of Breakfasts


Other than being delicious berries are rich in antioxidants and relatively contain lower sugar than other fruits. They are very rich in fibre and reduce inflammation markers. From just a cup of Berries, for example you can get as much fibre as you can get in certain types beans. The antioxidants In Berries help you she better other yuan protecting your heart.
Eating mixed berries every morning could give you higher levels of good cholesterol required by your body and also lower your blood pressure.

Chia Seeds

They are known to be a great source of fibre. The viscous fibre In Cha Seeds usually increases the volume of food that moves through your digestive dysgenic because it absorbs water. This means that eating the chia seeds will help you feel will help you feel satisfied longer. They also improve blood sugar and blood pressure and are highly recommended. For diabetics. Eating them Also reduces chances of inflammation and the high antioxidants in them will help keep the cells in your body protected from free radicals produced during metabolism. However we suggest no more than one tablespoon per day. Whilst losing weight.

Green Tea

Drinking tea is generally good for you because certain teas have many health benefits. Teas are great because they are flavoured but still add fluid to your body. However whilst following the HCG Diet Protocol – please stick to Rooibos, normal black tea with a slice of lemon or Green Tea. As the other Herbal teas can contain ingredients which are forbidden on the HCG Diet.


I’m sure many of you have been encouraged to eat more fruit from little, because other than tasting yummy, fruit is very nourishing. Starting your day by incorporating fruit in what you eat in the morning has many health benefits. Fruit is rich in vitamins, fibre and potassium, other than being very filling. The natural sugars present in fruit are just what you need to wake up your body and keep your brain sharp and energised. It also keeps you healthy. Just bear in mind that you can only have fruits from our list of allowed fruits, as some have a very high natural sugar content and are not helpful when losing weight. The number one fruit is APPLES whilst losing weight and you could help yourself even further by having a grapefruit which is known to help the body burn fat.

Protein Shakes

We are all it seems very busy with our daily lives so starting your day with a protein shake or smoothie is definitely a good idea. It reduces your appetite for the rest of the day. The protein in it is absorbed faster and has a way of preserving muscle mass during ageing and obviously also assists with weight loss. Protein Shakes could help lower your blood sugar and it can also enhance your body’s defences generally. Please only use either the Liposculpt Meal Replacement Shake that we stock or the Biogen that we refer to in our Diet Booklet. Many others can contain hidden sugars and even fat.

Fat Free Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese is high in protein and usually decreases the hunger hormone. This type of cheese can be compared to eggs when it comes to how filling it is. It is rich in calcium, will strengthen your bones and is packed with magnesium and improves one’s digestion. NB remember on phase 2 of the HCG Diet Fat free cottage cheese is only allowed twice a week.


They are very rich in water content and will have you very nourished and hydrated throughout the day when eaten in the morning. They are rich in antioxidants which provide energy and assist in cell repair. Eating tomatoes also benefits your body because they contain carbohydrates, fibre and other minerals that our body needs.


Eating Kale as part of your breakfast is a great idea as it is low in calories but still keeps you full. Kale also provides us with a number of nutrients such as Vitamin A and C as well as Iron. In addition to the vitamins, they also have calcium which is required for healthy bones and stimulates immunity. Eating Kale in the morning will support your body’s overall well being and will prevent a variety of health complications.