To Detox Or Not?

To Detox Or Not?

Let’s face it, we eat almost ALL THE TIME, and that puts our bodies under tremendous pressure. Most of us have internal systems that almost never get a break from food processing and digestion because there’s always more food coming down the pipe. And that’s a problem.

Why is it a good idea to detox?

Perhaps you are thinking about detox but you are not certain if it’s worth it, or if there are any benefits. Well let me tell you if Detox is done correctly, healthily, safely and controlled, then this gets your body clean and healthy which results in so many positive benefits.

Let’s list some benefits of Detoxing:

  • Detoxing can remove toxins from the body.
  • Long term exposure to toxins, pollutants, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and pollutants, definitely affects our immune system, behaviour and metabolism, which can lead to illness or disease.
  • Our bodies are on constant overload, the body does have a natural built in detox function to deal with these dangers but it’s often too much for the body to deal with naturally.
  • Detoxing helps the body to deal with this and improves what the body is battling to do naturally.
  • Detoxing helps prevent chronic disease.
  • Detoxing enhances the immune system.
  • Detoxing helps for losing weight.
  • Detoxing slows premature Ageing.
  • Detoxing increases energy.
  • Detoxing helps improve mental focus and clarity.
  • Detoxing improves quality of sleep.

This is why the HCG Diet Protocol starts with a 3 day detox, preparing your body to be at its best for your weight loss journey ahead. Go on …you have nothing to lose except a few kilograms.