Have you tried the Zero Calorie Noodles yet on your HCG Diet?

I don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE Noodles, to me they are truly a comfort food, yummy. filling and delicious. And the GOOD NEWS is that you can eat these Noodles whilst losing weight on the HCG Diet.

I would often make myself lovely chicken stir fries piled on top of these delicious noodles and I never felt deprived in anyway. In fact there are many combinations that you can make using these delicious Noodles.

HCG Diet Recipe Tips

Obviously these were not on the original HCG Diet way back when….. years and years ago when Dr. Simeon originally came up with the HCG Protocol there was no such thing as Noodles but with time and progress we now have Noodles that we can eat guilt free. Zero/ No Calorie Noodles, Shirataki Noodles whatever you prefer to call them.

I ate these Zero Calorie noodles almost everyday whilst I was using the HCG and to me they were an absolute treat.
I just thought I would bring them to your attention but the decision is yours whether you decide to try them or not.
I wanted to let you know about how much I enjoyed them and also because many people don’t realise that they can actually have them.

Those that have been aware of these noodles have found them very difficult to source as they are not something that you can just pick up at any grocery store however but have a look here below are some recommendations
Superlite Shirataki Noodles: These zero calorie noodles can be bought from certain branches of Pick n Pay, Some Spars, Faithful to Nature and other outlets. They can also be ordered from their website in bulk.
No Calorie Noodles: These zero calorie noodles can be purchased from Dischem, selected Spar outlets as well as on their website. Give them a try as they are Great value for money and in my opinion absolutely  Delicious.

Do these Taste Like REAL Noodles

Well this depends entirely on your tastebuds and your preference. Do they taste like a Noodle Pasta served in Italian eateries then the answer is NO. However if you like Asian food you will find they taste like the noodles served in a Vietnamese or Chinese restaurant. It really is a matter of personal taste.


They really are Zero Calories – if paper tasted good you could eat that on the HCG program too …so you can eat these noodles. I know you are thinking how can Noodles that take up space in your bowl which you can clearly see ….have no calories? These noodles are made entirely out of soluble fiber and basically go through your body undigested. So it’s kind of like eating paper. They are originally from Japan made up from the Konjac root, composed of water and glucomannan.

How does fiber interact with our bodies?
What’s important is that this soluble fiber binds with toxins in our body and if we aren’t getting enough fiber, “these toxins that we should be getting rid of through our bowels get reabsorbed into the bloodstream”.

It is quite a common fact that toxins are stored in fat.

So in my opinion when you are having an off day and generally feeling pretty awful on the HCG Protocol, It may be very well be due to toxins being released into our bloodstream…. as we are losing fat at a much quicker rate than normal. Based on this, these noodles which are pretty much entirely soluble fiber may actually be more than just a food to eat on the hCG Diet, they may even be beneficial by helping our bodies get rid of these toxins instead of just re-absorbing them.

At the end of the day it really is a matter of being up to you whether you are going to give them a bash or not, however it is handy to know that you can have them and could be the difference between slipping up or cheating whilst you are on your weight loss journey.