Weight Loss Stalled? What To Do?

Weight Loss Stalled? What To Do?

Losing weight is a challenge and no one said it was easy, but certainly worth it!! Difficulties and obstacles are often in our way, but actually a stall in weight loss is not an obstacle but merely a little bump in the road, a little hiccup. When your weight stalls you should be aware but not alarmed. Please don’t get stressed out or despondent. It is normal and happens to everyone at some stage of their weight loss journey. It’s merely a delay. Stay on track and here are some tips to get over this bump in the road.

Tips For Weight Loss Plateau or Stall

If your weight loss remains at a standstill for a few days, review what you ate over the past few days and just double check that you didn’t perhaps eat something that was. Not on the diet plan. If you did perhaps eat something you shouldn’t have perhaps a tiny cheat then you do not need to do anything to break the stall, unless it lasts for more than 3 days. Usually a stall due to a cheat or eating incorrectly only lasts a couple Of days and then automatically corrects itself.

A Weight Loss Plateau

Your weight loss can plateau when you reach certain Stages like a former level of weight that you once were at for some time. This plateau in weight loss can last even longer than a couple of days but will also correct itself however I never go longer than 7 days without doing something about it Like an Apple or Steak Day, which always results in getting the weight down and moving in the right direction once more.


Just give this some thought – have you perhaps had a cold or flu? Any surgery no matter how minor, been diagnosed with any medical condition which you now have to take Meds for? Any change to vitamins or supplements you might be taking now.

Meal replacement shakes can be a huge culprit and it is for this reason that we supply a meal replacement shake with the lowest calorie kilojoules count, available. Many if these so called Shakes just contain too much sugar and too many calories.

During the Menstrual Cycle

For most women you will see either a plateau or even an increase a few days before and during regurgitate period. The body is retaining water at this time. Continue drinking lots of water even though this is happening. The body will eventually release the water and the weight will correct itself. Continue with the Diet and all you will continue losing weight …this is just a temporary little setback. But we can’t do much about Mother Nature.

Are you skipping meals?

Skipping meals can be slow own your weight loss and even be seen as cheating too! It can slow down your metabolism and slow down or even stall your weight loss. Don’t do it even if you eat an apple or a Provita if you have nothing prepared.


Sleep is so important. You need to get 8 hours of sleep a night if at all possible as your body replenishes itself during sleep.


Another huge culprit could be STRESS – this raises the cortisol levels in your body and pumps adrenaline which also can make makes it much more Difficult to lose weight.

I used to laugh when people told me to MEDITATE but believe me this can change your life. When we are able to control stress and count to 10 breathing in and out correctly, we automatically calm the nervous system and don’t just impulsively react. We are able to see things much more clearly and can deal with problems in a calm relaxed manner which reduces cortisol.

The Apple Day

An Apple Day is when you eat 6 apples in a 24 hour period. Breakfast 2 Apples then lunch 2 Apples. And Dinner 2 Apples. Drink water but only to quench your thirst throughout that day. On the following day After you have weighed yourself get back onto phase 2 of the diet as normal.

Please don’t just think you can do an Apple Day every time the scale doesn’t budge because the more you use the Apple Day the less effective it becomes, so please only if your weight hasn’t budged in 3 or more days and you have ruled out all the other possible causes mentioned in this article – only then resort to An Apple Day.