Breakfast On The HCG Diet Protocol






















Breakfast On The HCG Diet Protocol

We get asked many times “what can I eat for breakfast on the Phase 2 Plan”?

One cannot eat any kind of cereal at all. You can have fat free yogurt and a fruit but yogurt is limited to twice a week, no more than that.
You can also make yourself a smoothie with the fruit from the allowed list in the booklet. Or you could have eggs, boiled or scrambled or poached with for example tomato or mushrooms

You could also use our delicious Liposculpt meal replacement shake and have this for breakfast should you be busy and don’t have time to prepare anything.

Well although some of you may feel it’s pretty restricted, if you check out our recipes you will find some interesting and tasty things to make and also it’s important to use your imagination and be creative.

Many of our clients post and share their meals on our Facebook Group HCG Diet System South Africa.

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