Losing And Maintaining Weight Loss

Losing and Maintaining Weight Loss – One Step at a Time

People often say dieting is “a lifestyle, not a diet” This is true although whilst losing weight we are definitely always on a low calorie diet etc.

Take it Slowly

One Giant mistake, I see most regular dieters make, is that they try to change twenty habits, all at once.
Take it slowly do not become obsessed with the scale, do not all of a sudden start doing high intensity workouts if you have not previously exercised – rather start with a bit of walking. Bad habits are difficult to change and if you go overboard trying to accomplish everything all at once you are likely to find it too difficult to maintain for any length of time.

Take the first Step

If you have started by cutting calories and are following the HCG Diet Protocol – you are already eating healthy in order to lose weight, you are drinking plenty of water, getting a good nights rest. You have already taken the first step, so be kind to yourself and slowly you will implement, plenty of new habits into your life. “Rome was not built in day” and a healthy body, mind and lifestyle take time as well.

Everything in Moderation

Once you have lost the weight and feel comfortable then indeed it becomes necessary to get a new Healthy Lifestyle going.This does not mean depriving yourself at all, but like everything, try to chose the healthier options and then the treats in smaller portions and this way you can definitely maintain your weight. For example if you overindulge say at the weekends then take care to eat as healthy as possible during the week.
It is like anything else in life “everything in moderation”

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