Real Weight Loss Stories: I kept the kilograms off

Get inspired by everyday people who shed major kilograms and never looked back. When it comes to major weight loss, it’s no surprise that in many cases losing it is the easy part. Maintaining that weight loss, however, is a whole different story.

Here is one of our many success stories, from a past client of ours that lost weight, by joining us at HCG Diet System SA and have maintained their weight loss, Joanne has kept her weight off for just over 4 years!

Here is Joanne’s story:

I joined HCG Diet System SA, in Sept 2015 and lost 27 kilograms in only 4 months.

How I did it: I finally realised that I had to make a permanent lifestyle change, not just go on a temporary diet. I started looking at eating as a way to nourish my body to maximise performance and prevent illness.

The HCG and the HCG Healthy Diet Plan taught me the best way to lose weight and stopped all my cravings for the junk food. It taught me to eat healthy nutritious meals and a big one was the portion control.

Still to this day, 4 years down the line …I use many of the HCG recipes and even when I have the occasional breakout ….my appetite is not huge and I don’t overeat as my body doesn’t need it.

I focus now on consuming plenty of lean protein, vegetables and fruit and some complex carbs. I certainly do not need to consume anywhere near the amount of food that previously I needed to satisfy my hunger.

I still do try to plan all meals/snacks at least one day in advance whenever possible so that always have good nourishing food on hand and there is no excuse to grab something unhealthy.

I never exercised, prior to losing my excess weight, but now I do moderate exercise, like walking for between 30 and 60 mins, twice a week and a resistance training class twice a week. When I can’t make it to class then I increase my days Of walking. It’s really not that difficult actually, to make healthy eating a lifestyle change and to incorporate some physical exercise.

Don’t think for one moment that I do not ever have treats or unhealthy junk food because I do ….but in moderation and I would say that 80% of my eating is healthy.

When I do overindulge, I also know now how to reverse any small weight gain.

This I have to credit the HCG Diet Program for…it definitely was a complete transformation for me.

The team at HCG Diet System helped me realise my dream by giving me all the help and support I needed to lose the weight and keep it off!

I drove them crazy at times, but no matter how many questions I asked, and even on the bad days, the motivation and encouragement I received was priceless.

Their support was constant, 7 days a week and even in the evenings.

The team at HCG Diet System SA, Helen and Alexis, are truly passionate and love what they do, so join them and you can rest assured you will be well taken care of.

I leave you with this Tip: focus on health rather than vanity. Make these lasting lifestyle changes, to safeguard your own future health and well-being.

Join the girls at HCG Diet System SA….and you won’t regret it!