Stay Motivated On Your Weight Loss Journey

Make A Commitment

Weight Loss requires determination and an unwavering focus on the end Goal. But it’s easy to get distracted when you have a large amount of weight to lose. I suppose irrespective of the amount of weight… to each one of us that want to lose weight, whether it be 10, 15, 20 kilos or more whatever the amount it is huge to each individual.

To be successful you must want it badly enough!

A good idea is to list the reasons and benefits of losing the weight, write it down and then read it on a regular basis to keep yourself motivated and on track. Set short term goals and long term goals and action steps that will help you create the life, health and body you desire. Kind of keeping a weight loss journal. That way you are going to stay motivated whilst going through this journey. Hopefully one of your priorities for losing weight is not only to look good but for Optimal Health, as well.When you reach your short term goals reward yourself with something like a massage, a hairdo or a new book. Also very motivating is to buy an article of clothing something in a smaller size that you really love and know that soon you are going to fit into that smaller size.

Take a before photo of yourself to remind you of where you started and eventually, how far you have come.
You have to lean to trust yourself and believe that you will feel satisfied – so stop focusing on what you’re not eating and learn to enjoy what you are.Temptation will get the better of you if you are not prepared and please prepare, plan and keep only the foods at home that you know are healthy.

Losing and Keeping weight off is about having the right attitude, a persevering spirit and motivational levels that never dip too low, for too long. If you give up at the first hurdle you will never get to where you want to be. “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to Quit” Believe in yourself many before you have done it and you can too!

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