Alcohol and The HCG Diet Protocol

Alcohol is not recommended while you are on the HCG Diet. In fact, Dr Simeons (the original founder of HCG for weight loss) does mention this is his manuscript – “Inches and Pounds”

Reasons why you should avoid alcohol while on the diet

1.Alcohol is high in Calories and this adds and may add too many calories to your diet. Not only does it add to your calories but it can be very taxing on your liver as well.

2. Alcohol can stimulate your appetite making your portion control very difficult.

3.Drinking alcohol is often accompanied by eating bad snacks.
That are not allowed on the HCG Diet Plan.

4. Alcohol can decrease your metabolism and stop your body from burning fats. Instead of your regular meal intake, your body will use the alcohol as a source of fuel.
As this happens the proteins etc. from the foods allowed will turn into fats.

5.A small amount of alcohol can make you sleepy, but too much Alcohol causes poor sleep. Thus contributing to weight gain.

The Good thing about the HCG Diet protocol it not only controls your cravings for food but it also controls your cravings for alcoholic beverages.
If you find yourself in a situation like a business event, lunch or dinner then please stick to only whisky, if you must!!