Common HCG Diet Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Common HCG Diet Mistakes and how to Avoid The

The HCG Diet Protocol is incredibly successful for losing excess weight, achieving remarkable results. However if you make silly mistakes your weight loss results may not be as satisfying as they should be. It is therefore very important to achieve the maximum amount of weight loss, that you avoid mistakes and follow the plan exactly as recommended.

 Here are some important tips/mistakes to avoid at all cost whilst losing weight with the HCG Diet System.


The HCG diet protocol has been around for  6 decades and obviously been extremely successful. However there are some people that seem to think they can make small little changes or their own accord, without any consequences. It may seem not very serious,  things like using only the recommended  spices and seasonings, No Milk allowed. and no strenuous exercise, all may seem very insignificant and unimportant however not following the HCG Diet Protocol 100%, all of or any of these things affect different aspects of the diet and it can have a huge detrimental effect. To be successful and lose the excess weight one really does need to take the time to become familiar with the HCG Diet Plan and Protocol.  The more informed you are the easier it becomes, after all knowledge is power even regarding losing weight. Those people that are the most successful on this weight loss journey are those who are committed and informed.
They follow the protocol exactly as recommended.


Whilst many may think this is not very serious it most certainly is – the HCG Diet Plan has been carefully formulated in order to ensure that you do not consume too many calories or more calories than we recommend. Please avoid rough guessing about portion sizes, rather get a food scale and measure your portions exactly. You may find after a while that you can have a look at a portion of protein for example and roughly guess the correct amount but if you want to achieve the maximum weight loss results rather be certain, the portion size is spot on.


Although you will see that with the HCG Diet Protocol it really requires no exercise in order to lose a lot of weight successfully – it is always a a good idea to do some light exercise 2 to 3 times a week , for example walking, yoga, swimming. If you are working out in a Gym please be careful of the workouts you are doing because although exercise is good for one’s general strength and overall wellbeing – certain exercise builds up the muscle which in turn causes mass and weighs more so it can hinder your weight loss results. Rather whilst following the HCG Diet Plan, do only the mild exercise as we recommend. Once you have lost that excess weight then by all means get back to vigorous workouts etc.


Many people are under the impression that all fruits and vegetables are good for you and yes in normal circumstances many are beneficial. However some fruits and veggies contain a very high sugar content and then you get canned fruit and veggies, that many of us like to turn to in this fast paced world we live in but please DON’T canned goods contain preservatives, often loaded with additional sodium, canned fruits contain sweetener to make the fruit taste better – so please leave canned alone. Stick rigidly to our recommendations and the HCG Diet Plan .. where you will see the list of veggies and fruit allowed and have only these. Only have fresh fruit and veggies to get the true benefit and goodness from these particular food groups.


We are all well aware and much more informed now about the dangers of processed foods, cattle and poultry that have been force fed to with all sorts of hormones etc. to fatten them up in a hurry – but at the end of the day it has been proven that due to this rat race we live in there is much more disease out there due to the unhealthy things we eat which have been artificially enhanced. We all would like to have hormone free meat chicken eggs etc but I am afraid in these tough economic times this may just be close to impossible –  because grain fed and organic is just simply out of most people’s price range, so just do your best to chose wisely from our list of allowed protein etc.


It is most important for our bodies to stay hydrated and the best way to stay hydrated is Water, Water and more Water.
There is nothing that is more beneficial to our bodies than Water…. it has so many important roles to play in the healthy functioning of our bodies and in particular whilst on the HCG Diet Plan. You may have tea or coffee, Rooibos, Green Tea, all black, no milk and no sugar at all – a sweetener like stevia or Xylitol is allowed or any other that you might prefer but in my opinion these are best. Make sure you consume plenty of water and if you feel like a change then have some sparkling water with lemon slices and lots of ice. There are many ways you can make drinking water more tasty and interesting.
Diet Soda such as Coke Light, Coke Zero, Sprite Zero you can consume NO MORE than 3 cans daily.


When cooking your meals please do not use any oils or fats at all. Many people believe that Olive Oil is healthy and whilst it is to a certain degree and better than all the others, whilst preparing or cooking meals on the HCG Diet Plan no Oil or fat at all is allowed – you may use Spray and Cook or Coconut Oil ONLY absolutely nothing else! I know you might be feeling overwhelmed with all this information about what you cannot eat or drink but we have hundreds of delicious recipes that can be used on the HCG Diet Plan and they are really delicious.
Like with anything – nothing worthwhile comes easy you have to work at it, and losing weight as we all know can be pretty challenging and following a diet plan difficult to manage but this is not just about losing weight it is also improving your health and ultimately living a healthier lifestyle.
If you avoid the mistakes,  follow our recommendations and the diet plan supplied you will lose a considerable amount of weight,  re-set your metabolism, have tons of energy and feel and look  fantastic. The “Cherry on Top”  is that you will have learnt lifelong habits, lifestyle changes in making healthier choices for your body.