Tips To Keep You On Track With Your Weight Loss


I find that to stay motivated and on track it’s good to get into a daily ritual so here are a few ideas

1. Always be prepared, plan ahead and prepare what you need to keep you on track for your weight loss journey.

2. If you find yourself rushed and out of time then simply replace a meal with a meal replacement shake ( we have Liposculpt meal replacement shakes available, which are simply delicious and recommended on the HCG Diet Protocol or simply get one from Dischem Biogen …..)

3. Drink plenty of water daily …this is probably the most important of all.
If you like you can add lots of fresh lemon slices to a big jug of water, this can be really refreshing on a hot day.
For a change you might try some sparkling water as well.

4. Often we confuse the feeling of being peckish or hungry when actually it could simply be thirst, so if this happens drink a glass of water and wait for 15 mins before deciding if you truly are hungry.

5. Beware of Fat Free products you will be surprised at just how much sugar is in many of these so called Fat Free products.

6. Finally take it one day at a time, patience and persistence always pays off and your reward will be a slimmer healthier body.

It will be so worth it… remember nothing tastes as good as Slim Feels!!

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