Depression and Obesity

Depression and Anxiety – can they be linked?

I just met a beautiful woman who is battling with depression due to being quite overweight. This beautiful person really touched my heart and I thought it important to look more into this subject hence this post. Depression can lead to Overeating and weight gain. Obesity can lead to overwhelming sadness. Learn how to break the cycle. Many years of research have shown that there’s no clear, one-way connection between obesity and depression. Instead, studies have shown that the two can be clearly linked and definitely can feed off one another. The thing is with being very overweight, it causes poor self-image, low self esteem and can even cause social isolation. Obese persons can be ostracized,stereotyped and even discriminated against, which are all known contributors to depression. If one is overweight it can cause depression and when depressed and sad some take comfort in food and this just exasperates the problem, so it becomes a vicious circle. I know personally about this because I was in this same place for a long time in my life. However thankfully after medical help I realized that life is precious and it goes by so very quickly that we need to live in the present and enjoy every moment.

Improve your life

The best thing I did to improve my life was to lose the weight, don’t think for a moment that I have the perfect body because there really is no such thing as perfection.. but to feel better about one’s body, increases your confidence and your self worth and most importantly one has so much more energy as the body then becomes healthier and stronger. Let the Sunshine back into your life join us today and we will show you the way.

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