Reasons For Gaining Weight On HCG Maintenance

Reasons for Gaining Weight on HCG Maintenance

If you find yourself having to do steak days frequently, you may want to evaluate what you’re eating to determine what’s causing your weight gain on HCG Phase 3. Here’s what to look for.

#1: Eating too many cautionary foods.
During the first 3 weeks of HCG Maintenance avoid sugars, carbs, sweeter fruits (melons, grapes, bananas, etc.), starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn, peas, etc.), limit cheese, nuts, dairy and fried items.• During the second 3 weeks of HCG Maintenance slowly add in some of the foods from above. Start with more natural sugars and carbs (such as sweet fruits and starchy vegetables) before jumping into table sugars, bread, pasta, etc.

#2: Eating too many or too little calories.• We recommend aiming for 1,500 calories a day while on HCG Phase 3. If you don’t like counting calories, don’t, just stick you the HCG Phase 3 food list. If you’re eating too many calories, your body will start gaining weight because the overabundance of extra energy, it thinks you should store for later use.• If you’re eating too many calories, your body will start gaining weight because the overabundance of extra energy, it thinks you should store for later use.• If you’re eating too few calories, your body may go into starvation mode and try to ‘hold onto’ and food you give it. Plus, your body will not learn how to handle new foods if you never introduce them… eat up and add some variety into your meals.

#3: Adding in too many cautionary foods at one time.• Don’t add more than one ‘new food’ at a time, because you need to give your body time to adjust to the new foods and learn how to handle them before you bombard it with another new food. For example, on your first day of HCG Maintenance have a salad with mixed veggies with a ‘safe’ dressing, on the 2nd day have a salad with mixed veggies and a little ranch dressing, the 3rd day have the same salad topped with a little shredded cheese, and so on.• If you’re not sure what food are in the categories of allowed, not allowed, or cautionary you may want to considered getting one of the books that includes the full food chart for the HCG Diet.

#4: Having hidden sugars or starches during the first 3 weeks. Some dieters start doing something on HCG Phase 3 that unknowingly adds sugars and starches, such as a new vitamin with a sugar coating, using a seasoning with sugars or corn starch or something, getting meat products that are injected with a sugary broth, etc.If you use supplements or vitamins on HCG Phase 3, make sure they do not contain ‘bad’ ingredients.

#5: Not tracking or recording your daily food intake. It’s important to record or write down what foods you eat daily while on HCG Phase 3, either by using an app, a journal, or the My HCG Tracker book.• Tracking what foods you eat can help you identify ‘trigger’ foods. Trigger foods are basically any foods that you eat that cause weight gain the next morning. Common trigger foods include peanut butter, cheese, fried items, etc.

#6: Not weighing every day.• Weighing every morning is a very important aspect so you can perform a steak day’ if necessary to keep those pounds from creeping back up.

#7: Not having enough protein.• Protein is another crucial part of HCG Maintenance. If you eat too little protein on HCG Phase 3 you will have a harder time keeping off the weight compared to someone who eats protein regularly at meals and even adds protein into snacking.• If you are having a hard time eating enough protein, try supplementing with protein shakes or protein bars. They’re a tasty way to sneak protein into your day, even when ‘on-the-go’. Be careful what brands you use for protein shakes and protein bars on Phase 3 because of hidden sugars and starches.

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