How To Eat Right When You Are Out Or Travelling

The daily HCG hormone treatment is your key to dieting success. The hormone will make you less hungry or crave for more foods, which will help you stick to the strict 800-calories-a-day diet. If you take every dose when you should, you will be in greater control of your food consumptions while out and about.
If you plan to travel for a couple of days, simply pack your mixed HCG in a baggie with a frozen cool pack. Most people travel with HCG without a prescription on a plane with no problem.

When dining out, specify your food demands down to the last detail. You may appear finicky, but it is your body and it is your right to know what’s going in it. Tell the waiter or waitress precisely what you want and how you want it prepared. You don’t want any surprises hindering your HCG dieting efforts. You can also bring your own dressings along with you in small packets, so you can ensure you have exactly the dressings you desire.

Sticking To your HCG Diet At Restaurants

hen dining out in a restaurant, make sure you eat lean meats and vegetables. Choose dishes containing fish, chicken, turkey or lean meat. Go for vegetables that are steamed. Ask the restaurant to serve you one choice of vegetables, rather than mixing them.

It is always a good idea to grab a healthy bite to eat before you head to a social gathering or cerebration. You can ensure you are eating appropriate foods by devising your own menu at home. You will have the legitimate excuse that you have already eaten and you will be less hungry when enjoying social events too. This will help you have more control over what you will eat once you are out.