Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing

Making your own hCG Friendly Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing

1 tbsp fresh orange juice
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/4 tsp onion powder
1 clove fresh garlic
1/8 tsp sea salt (or to taste)
Dash of freshly cracked black pepper

Start by peeling an orange and placing the fruit into a juicer to make the fresh orange juice needed for this recipe. If you do not have a juicer, you can place the orange into a blender and then remove the pulp by pressing the mixture through a sieve or tight strainer to extract just the orange juice.
Next, combine the orange juice, apple cider vinegar, and freshly squeeze lemon juice into a small bowl. Remember, do not use store-bought lemon juice while on phase 2 of the HCG diet because it can contain preservatives and other ingredients that could slow or stall your weight loss.
Then add the spices into the liquid mixture (onion powder, fresh garlic, sea salt, and black pepper). Make sure to evaluate the ingredients of your onion powder before use, some contain sugars and other unallowed ingredients. Avoid oils, starches, sugar, and any words ending in -ose, -tol, or -dextrin.
Stir well until the spices are well combined.
This recipe is perfect as a salad dressing, as a meat marinade, or as a dipping sauce for veggies while on the HCG diet.

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