Irish Celebrity loses 11lbs in 3 weeks on hCG Diet

Celebrity loses 11lbs on hCG diet

hCG DietAfter viewing unflattering pictures of herself, in the newspaper the remarkable Irish TV star Lucy Kennedy  decided to adhere to a hCG diet and lose weight and she is now ready to make a comeback.

After dropping a dress size and losing 11lbs in 3 weeks, on the hCG diet she claims she has never felt better.

After having a baby Lucy was very unhappy with her weight and when she saw an unflattering picture of herself in the newspaper she decided it was time to take action and get back into pre-pregnancy shape.

Six months after the birth of her baby daughter Holly, she had lost 7lbs on her own by cutting down however she simply could not get rid of the post-baby tummy weight.

Rather than just try any old diet Lucy sought medical advice about how to get back into shape.

She met with a doctor at the Hospital group and he recommended and explained the hCG diet to her which she felt very happy to try.

She said: ‘I waited until Holly was six months old. I lost half a stone by myself but I couldn’t shift my post-baby tummy.

‘I thought it would take forever to shift. But after having a consultation with the doctor I thought, “Right, anything is ¬better than nothing”.’


Lucy, who is a lover of food, said that it was a tough diet – but she persevered and lost 11lbs in just three weeks.


‘Look, I was only 10st 2lb. I was a healthy weight. I wasn’t overweight. I just wasn’t the size I was before. And I know that it’s only natural to have extra weight after having a baby, but for me, I wanted to look and feel my best.


‘Everyone in this industry is a size zero. I don’t want to be a size zero, nor will I ever be. I am a healthy size 10 and I am happy with that. I love my food too much. But that’s the one thing that this diet has taught me. I was eating all the wrong kinds of food.

At the end of the day I was never very overweight at all but after looking at those pictures I knew I had to take action and get back into shape.

Although the hCg diet was restrictive I am absolutely thrilled with the amazing results and am so happy with how I feel now.

Lucy Before

Lucy before hCG Diet


Lucy After

Lucy after hCG diet

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