Fresh vs Frozen

 If fresh produce is available, it’s an excellent choice for everybody and we always recommend fresh veggies over frozen. The food tastes so much better. Our local farmers are also supported, which is always a good thing. Perhaps most importantly, fresh produce is packed with fresh nutrients that our bodies need.

Consider These Facts

When vegetables are first put to the freezing process, there’s a quick moment when they are blanched in very hot water to get rid of bacteria. This does causes a  loss of the nutrients that are soluble in water. Vitamins such as B and C will break down and diminish in this case. However, the next process of flash-freezing them locks in the rest of the nutrients so there are still plenty left. The vegetables and fruits that are fresh picked and then sent to grocery store aisles are almost always picked before they’re ripe because of the long trip they have to take. This means they have not developed in the same manner as a fully ripe version would. They are going to have fewer minerals and vitamins in this case. With some of them, like bananas, you can wait for them to become outwardly ripe. This helps, but they aren’t going to reach the level of nutrients they would have got to if they were allowed to ripen in their completely natural state. Even more damaging, the vegetables and fruits that travel long distances to their destination are exposed to a lot of light from the sun, as well as high heat. This is also a cause for a degradation of those important nutrients mentioned earlier.

Choose the Best Vegetables

You will still most likely want to go with fresh produce. They taste better and overall have the nutrients you need to remain healthy. Frozen foods are more than adequate when the off-season has arrived. Either type is still one of the best options you can select for your diet. Enjoy your fruits and vegetables.

We always recommend fresh fruit and vegetables on the HCG Diet Plan.

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