HCG Diet Recipes – A Complete 30 Day Meal Plan

HCG Diet Recipes

One of the most asked questions we get regarding the hcg diet is “What am I allowed to eat?” – This is normal because when you start something new you are unsure about many things, especially when it comes to your body!

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The wonderful thing about this amazing diet system is that you can eat virtually anything as long as you stay within the limits set which is 800 calories per day. Because the pure HCG hormone in your body will reset the hypothalamus in your brain to start using the excess fat that is has stored when the body needs more that 800 calories, you have no feelings of hunger, no cravings etc.

  • This is why you have that “feel good” feeling on the diet
  • And why you have no inclination t cheat!

Although you probably won’t need them, you can find lots of additional weight loss recipe ideas at this page.