HCG Diet Tips For Losing Even More Weight

Tips To Help Me Lose Weight

Water Consumption – Drink plenty of water  to keep your body system operating optimally and hydrated. Drink no less than 2l per day.

Take a Pill – Each day, take a quality multivitamin pill

Meditate – Meditation is a form of relaxation that can help emotional eaters overcome the frustrating sensation of constantly using food to calm down.

Super Green Supplements – Many individuals suffer from being overly acidic due to large consumption’s of protein. Numerous types of green supplements offer a way to reduce acid levels by alkalizing the bloodstream.

Eat Fiber – Many HCG dieting individuals start the protocol dealing with significant bowel issues. Unless you are one of the lucky ones with an extremely active excretory system, most individuals hold onto up to 10kilos of fecal matter in their intestines. Eating fiber every day, by consuming the correct portion of broccoli and apples, along with whole wheat alternatives to your Melba toast or breadstick, can help you eliminate old waste material in your large intestine.

Never Eat before Bedtime- To achieve as much weight loss as possible while on the HCG protocol, it is highly recommended to never eat anything three hours before bedtime. As your body naturally stores food during your sleep cycle, going to bed on an empty stomach will diminish any fat storage opportunities.