HCG Mayonnaise Recipe – Phase 3

Coconut Oil Mayonnaise

Delicious HCG friendly mayo that you can have on the Phase 3 part of the HCG Diet System


1 whole egg and 2 egg whites
Juice of ½ small Lemons
1 cup coconut oil
Pinch of salt and white pepper


Add these all to a food processor or blender and combine, once combined leave the food processor/blender on low. Pour the coconut oil in a thin stream into the mixture so that it can emulsify. Once it has emulsified you have the option of adding 1 Tbsp of Plain Yoghurt to help preserve the mayonnaise for up to a month. Store in the fridge in a glass container, mine is in an old peanut butter jar. The mayonnaise is thinner than most people are used to, it does help to portion control it in food, and you only need up to 2 Tbsp per serving.


Add 1Tbsp of mustard powder to the mixture before the oil. I use this mayonnaise on tinned tuna or chicken to make my favourite ‘tuna bowl’ lunch.