How To Do The Apple Day

How To Do The Apple Day

Eat six Apples throughout the day – in other words from the beginning of the day until the end of the day. Obviously you should eat the six apples spread out during the course of the day – not all at once Hee hee ?
And very important ONLY drink ENOUGH water to quench your thirst, not as we normally recommend 3 – 4 liters per day on the diet plan. With the Apple Day only limited water enough to ensure your not thirsty but no more than that. Please take note that on The Apple Day no other fluids are allowed. You still continue taking either your HCG Injections or HCG Drops as per normal.

EXAMPLE to help you on the Apple Day

Have 2 Green Apples
For LUNCH have another 2 Green Apples or 1 Apple for Lunch and then another Apple a little later in the afternoon if you don’t want two for lunch.
For DINNER a good idea is to have two Green Apples baked, this can be more filling.

Don’t allow yourself to become frustrated or despondent, instead, think about well you have been feeling and how long you have been on the program and how much you have already lost ..Remember “winners never quit” You can normally prevent most weight plateaus by sticking to the diet plan, avoid eating too much salt and making sure you drink plenty of water, at least 2 to 3 litres daily. The more the better. Please Only do the Apple Day if no weight loss registers in 3 or more days. Make sure you have been doing everything else correctly because it may be something you didn’t realize you were doing incorrectly. Before you know it you will be losing weight again and be back on track

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