I thought I would just give some information regarding this procedure as I get asked this question repeatedly.


Many people feel quite anxious and apprehensive about injections. However they are not at all painful, they are a safe and very effective way to take HCG whilst following the HCG Diet Protocol. If it’s your very first time using the HCG Injections, then you are probably wondering when is the best time to take the injection. Actually, you should try and self-administer the injection ideally at the same time every day. However this is not set in stone you do not have to be exact, if it was an hour later than yesterday it’s really not critical.

The protocol is that ideally, you inject your dose of HCG in the morning according to the original HCG protocol.
But if you worked nights for example then your lifestyle is different than most so you can just administer the HCG injection in the evening or late afternoon, whichever would be easiest to fit into your schedule. Also, you may find you take your HCG injection earlier in the mornings during the week but later in the mornings at weekends and this is perfectly fine as well.

Important things to Note When Using the HCG Injections


Keep your HCG injections refrigerated at all times so they stay potent and effective and are ready to be used. If by some chance you forget to refrigerate the HCG for 5 hours or longer then it will not be effective and potent anymore and you will be forced to discard the HCG.


The ideal time to take your HCG injection is in the morning. First thing after using the bathroom and perhaps after brushing your teeth. If you are likely to forget if you have taken the injections or not perhaps keep a note of it or mark it off each day on a calendar. Or count the number of syringes you have left that will tell you how many you have already used. However, as I said earlier it is not absolutely critical to take the HCG injections exactly and precisely at the same time every day. Just try to make sure you have the injections preferably every 24 hours or so. Keeping to a 24 hour timeline means you always have the HCG in your System and stay at the potent effective levels in your body thereby burning and breaking down the fat cells. Should you for some reason completely forget to take it on any day don’t stress or panic just take the next injection the following day as you would normally. Typically HCG stays on your body for 72 hours after your last injection, so it’s not a train smash.


If travelling with HCG injections you need to transport them in a tiny cooler bag.

The HCG injections when taken in combination with the HCG Diet Plan are the most remarkable weight loss solution.

Nothing else really compares to these remarkable results achieved. HCG helps maintain muscle mass whilst only losing your excess trapped stored fat. The HCG hormone also resets and retrievers the metabolism and reduces the appetite, hunger and cravings. The HCG injection is a simple and safe way to take the hormone hCG while following our diet protocol!

Remember, you should try to administer the HCG injections at the same time every day, so try not to miss any days or administer them in between eating periods where possible (e.g., breakfast before 10 am). Remember that if your first experience with an injectable medication was unpleasant then don’t worry about getting hooked on them because once you get used to how easy these work everything else will seem difficult by comparison – trust me on this 😉

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