Announcing: The HCG Diet South Africa 2014

HCG Diet Injections And Drops

We all are unhappy with our bodies and most of us are in pursuit of the perfect shape so we are endlessly looking for ways to lose weight. Aside from looking good, the health benefits of weight loss is enormously beneficial to us long term. One can reduce the sugar levels in the body, reduce cholesterol and eliminate high blood pressure just to name a few.

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What Makes HCG Diet South Africa So Special?

HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced by expecting mothers which helps nourish the growing fetus. It has also been proven when used in weight loss protocols to be very effective and in fact seems to melt the unwanted fat away.  This wonderful hormone HCG stimulates the Hypothalamus, which increases the metabolism and uses the stored trapped fat to fuel the body.

Not only will you lose weight fast but you will have endless energy, enjoy a more restful and deep sleep and feel so much better in general.

We all know how difficult it is when you are trying to lose weight  If you are sick and tired of carrying around those extra kilos and are battling to retain the figure that you once had then look no further, HCG is the solution to all your problems. You can get more detailed hcg diet information here.

HCG – Injections Or Drops

This really is a very personal choice, some people have absolutely no problem injecting themselves daily but there are others who simply want to pass out just thinking about an injection (even though it is a tiny prick really) the important thing is that both the HCG injections and Oral Drops work very effectively so it is a matter of preference.

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] However many experts believe the injections to be have been more proven.

HCG Drops VS Injections – Which Should You Use?

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] As is often the case when a medication or supplement receives a lot of attention from exposure on television, companies all over the world have rushed to provide HCG to meet the growing demand. The result of this is that there are a lot of inferior products available which can cause some confusion when deciding which is the best form of HCG to take.

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] To be clear, it is the HCG injections that have been used since the 1950?s and most experts believe injections are the only way to take HCG effectively. This is because the HCG hormone is not able to be absorbed by the oral mucosa (the tissues in your mouth) and therefore cannot enter your blood stream when taken orally.

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] In order to be effective, HCG must be injected into your body, normally in the upper layers of fat in your abdomen. Most people report that the process of injecting HCG is relatively painless. When purchasing HCG injections, make sure you always use a reputable company who provides the pure HCG.


Over the past few years this HCG diet has become the fastest quickest growing most effective diet in South Africa.It has both the Science and testimony  from many overweight and obese adults, who have successfully lost weight. If you are sick and tired of the ongoing battle to lose weight then this is the plan for you.

[icon icon=”ic-blue5″] You are the only one who is responsible for your happiness and health, so don’t delay, get started on the journey today to a New You.

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