HCG Meal Plan – The Two Pronged Attack On Unwanted Fat With HCG

HCG Meal Plan

The hcg meal plan obviously forms a vital part of the HCG Diet System. It is the the 2nd part of the system that will allow you to lose weight fast and safely. The first part of the system is obviously the hcg injections or hcg oral drops that you will be taking. This is why I call the HCG Diet System a two pronged attack on unwanted fat.

Having a complete meal plan is what helped me to get through those long dark days when the thought of chocolates often loomed heavy on my mind.

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The Nutritionist That Devised The HCG Meal Plan

I was fortunate enough to meet a nutritionist who was also considering the HCG Diet as a means of fast weight loss for her clients prior to helping with the maintenance phase of the plan. She also had about 7-10 KGs of fat that she wanted to get rid of which was proving to be particularly difficult to remove. It was on her tummy and although she followed a healthy and nutritious diet regimen, that bundle of fat on her tummy was not going anywhere.

In fact she was losing fat in places she DIDN’T want to lose fat, such as her breasts and her butt. Our meeting was indeed a match made in heaven for me! I suggested that she try the HCG diet to see if the system would indeed do for her what it’s discoverer, Doctor ATW Simeons had claimed it would do… To remove the fat only in places the body didn’t need it.

She agreed and duly went on the diet for a period of 30 days.

The HCG Diet Meal Plan

hcg meal pland

The hcg meal plan is without doubt the crutch I leaned on to get through phase two of the hcg diet

During these 30 days on phase two of the diet, she prepared 90 great looking, nutritious and tasty meals which could be prepared beforehand in most cases. She documented every step of her journey, took photographs, documented the recipes and instructions on each meal and the various different dressings she prepared to help her stay within the prescribed 800 calories a day.

The end result was this amazing hcg meal plan which has now helped many thousands of people to lose weight quickly and safely, while eating terrific meals that are mouth wateringly good looking, easy to prepare and don’t cost the earth.

The idea is to prepare as many of these meals in your quite times and make a note of what you will eat each day for the next 4 or 5 days. This way you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your meals are pre-planned. This strategy will help so much on those inevitable days when you are feeling demotivated, tired or lazy.

Hey it happens to us all! As Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the boy scout group said, “BE PREPARED”.

We also supply you with a separate booklet which contains a host of dietary tips and advice that I have gained on my journey with the HCG Diet System.

I am convinced that I would not have lost the 34 KGs over the three and a half months I was on what is typically referred to as Phase 2 of the diet. Phase 2 would not have been possible for me if I had not had this hcg meal plan, that is for sure.

No weight loss diet is easy, but with this plan I only found the first three days difficult, after that the HCG was fully in my system and the 800 calories per day I was eating was amazingly more than enough to sustain me as the HCG was loosening that unwanted fat and using it to make up for the shortfall in my diet.

Remember I told at the beginning of this article that the HCG Diet System is essentially a two pronged attack on unwanted fat in your body? Well along with the daily HCG injections, your HCG meal plan is the 2nd and probably the most important part of the plan. It kept me on track and it will help you as well!