Benefits of Lemons – The Super Fruit

The Benefits of The Lemon

When most people wake up in the morning it’s a mad rush, getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school, breakfast, organising school lunches, making sure they have brushed their teeth etc Well even when they are old enough to do things for themselves it’s still a mad rush one way or the other. That’s just life but do you often think why do you feel so frazzled mid morning? In the ideal world it would be lovely to wake up, relax while you notice the birds singing and the beauty of nature. But I fear that this is far from what most people even think about because who has the time! It would however be a good idea to make sure that you make sometime for yourself even if it means getting up a little earlier and start your morning ritual with a glass of warm water and lemon.

Benefits of Lemon In Water

  • Lemon in water just doesn’t quench thirst better than any other drink – it also supplies our body with plenty of vitamins, minerals and vital trace elements.
    It’s also a great energy booster for when we wake up first thing in the morning as our tissues are dehydrated and in desperate need of fluid to push out the toxins.
  • Lemon water will provide your body with plenty of hydrating electrolytes in the form of Potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  • Lemon Water can help reduce both joint and muscle pain.
  • Drinking warm lemon water can help your body with digestion thanks to the citric acid contained in lemon.
    This acid interacts with various enzymes in your body and stimulates the secretion of gastric juice.
  • Lemon Water will help your liver produce more enzymes more than any other substance.
    It also aids your liver in helping release toxins.
  • Lemon water can help you fight everything from sore throats to tonsil inflammation, thanks to the anti-inflammatory property of lemon.
  • Lemon Water can help you better regulate your bowel movement.
  • Being a powerful antioxidant, lemon can protect your body from various free radicals and strengthens the immune system.
  • Did you know that Lemon water has a high potassium content – depression and anxiety are often linked to not having enough Potassium in your blood.
  • Lemon Water helps cleanse your blood and arteries.
  • Having one Lemon a day is estimated to reduce blood pressure by 10% – so drinking lemon water is a great way to work towards that quantity.
  • It alkalizes your body – Lemon water allows your body to keep a higher PH level, helping your body fight off disease.
  • Lemons contain Vitamin C, which is known to improve skin conditions through the revitalising of the body.
  • Gout pain can be attributed to a build up of Uric. Acid – lemon water helps dilute this acid, thereby reducing the pain.
  • Mixing a teaspoon of lemon juice per half glass of water can help relieve heartburn.
  • If you or anyone you know have a concern about Kidney stones, drinking lemon water can help dissolve not only those but gallstones, pancreatic stones and calcium deposits as well.
  • Lemons have pectin fiber, which aids in the suppression of hunger cravings.