Coffee And Weight Loss

Positive effects of Caffeine

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of fresh coffee…I for one simply cannot resist the smell and aroma of freshly ground coffee.First things first… yes, caffeine IS in tea and coffee. But not in the quantities we’re talking about here. We’re talking about supplemental caffeine in pill form…Caffeine has been shown to increase one’s fat-burning potential reasonably significantly when taken in doses of four to six mg per kilo of bodyweight. A good jumping-off point would be around 200mg to 400mg (on the lower end if you’re lighter, and the upper end if you’re heavier). Caffeine reduces fat by increasing metabolic processes and stimulating the central nervous system.Caffeine also has positive effects in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, cirrhosis and liver cancer.


Just note that if you’re generally a high-stress person then caffeine may exacerbate it, and may leave you feeling even more hyped up and tense than usual. You may also struggle to sleep if you take the caffeine too late in the day.However with many people this is not the case so even whilst you are following the HCG Diet Protocol you can still enjoy a good cup of coffee.My recommendation is to use caffeine upon waking up. This gets you going with a bang for the day, and ensures that it’s out of your system before bedtime.