Do You Struggle With Weight loss? Read Helens Story…

Do you Struggle with Weight loss? Helens Story…

If you feel out of control when it comes to food, you’re in good company.

Twelve years ago, I was morbidly obese, eating my feelings, and sure that any effort I made, to have a healthy relationship to food would fail. Then, finally at rock bottom, I came face-to-face with what I was doing to myself and to my body. I saw clearly for the first time why hitting and maintaining a comfortable weight, felt so impossible.

No matter how hard I tried and I tried everything, there wasn’t a product, program, book, Slimming clinic that I hadn’t tried but all with little results. When you are obese it’s very difficult to be happy with a 400 gram weight loss. In fact you do not even notice the difference and one becomes very despondent and ultimately, like me just give up and then get even fatter.

I had the wrong mindset…

I know now however that I had the completely wrong mindset and attitude. I wanted to look slimmer and feel good about myself but I did not realise the damage I was doing to my health, long term. I did however get a huge fright when I was diagnosed as Diabetic and I was told in no uncertain terms that my health was at risk as a result of my obesity, I’m ashamed to say it was 123 kilograms, at that particular time.

The fact is that more and more people worldwide are overweight.

The lives we live today seem so much more busy and stressful, we never seem to have enough time, to really look after our bodies and with that obviously our health. We also have so many processed convenience meals available and even the so called low calorie, low carb are not always good for our bodies. I was fortunate enough to discover the HCG Injections and HCG Diet Protocol, through a family member and this is what set me free.

The truth set me free, and it enabled me to make the kind of major, permanent shift that had until then been impossible. Today, At 42 kilograms lighter, I feel sexy, I’m a comfortable weight, and I have a healthy relationship to food (10+ years and counting!).

I had the wrong mindset

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